Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Try At Amnesty

Could Utah's new amnesty/guest worker law be the model for the next big amnesty push as early as late spring? That's what some media outlets are suggesting this week.

On Tuesday, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed HB116 into law - a bill that offers amnesty and a guest worker visa to "qualifying" illegal aliens who establish residency in the state by May 10. The bill received the endorsement of the state's Chamber of Commerce and the Church of Latter Day Saints.

While the traditional amnesty with a pathway to citizenship is dead at the federal level, some -- including National Public Radio -- say the Obama Administration is looking to the Utah Compact as a new approach. The 2012 presidential election gets closer every day, and Pres. Obama has failed the pro-amnesty groups on his promise of immigration reform, so the Utah Compact offers him a chance to deliver amnesty with a lot of support from pro-corporation Republicans.

But anyway you look at it, it's still an amnesty that will add competition to the labor force for America's unemployed.

On the other hand, if we continue to make it difficult for illegals here in California, Arizona, and other states, perhaps more of them will migrate to Utah. I'd prefer to see them all deported to their native lands, but at least there may be fewer of them here - as long as Obama doesn't cave in and make it a national thing. All we can do is wait and see what happens, and in the mean time, continue to get our message to the people that these illegals MUST BE DEPORTED NOW!

Dan 88!

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