Saturday, May 15, 2010

Black Crime in America: The FBI Statistics

Blacks make up about 13% of the U.S. population. Yet they account for the majority of violent crimes in the United States.

Black Murder Rate: 50.1%
Blacks commit the highest murder rate of any race in the United States.

Black Forcible Rape Rate: 32.2%

Black Robbery Rate: 56.7%

Black Aggravated Assault Rate: 34.2%

Black Burglary Rate: 31.4%

Black Theft Rate: 29.3%

Black Auto Theft Rate: 38.1%

Black Arson (Violent) Rate: 39.4%

And when it comes to persons under 18 who commit crimes, the black crime rate jumps even higher!

Murder: 58.5%

Forcible Rape: 36.7%

Robbery: 67.2%

Aggravated Assault: 42.2%

Burglary: 35.1%

Theft: 31.2%

Auto Theft: 45.1%

Arson (Violent): 51.6%

Need any more be said?

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