Sunday, July 11, 2010

And The Libertards Say The Jews Don't Control The World's Financial Markets!

Jewish bankers, fund managers, head Financial institution (past & present):

There are hundreds in this list. Here are 20 of the more famous ones.

.1 Alan Greenspan -- ex Federal Reserves Chairman

.2 Sir James Goldsmith -- financier and banker (a Knight, if you can believe it)

.3 George Soros -- fund manager

.4 Sandy Weill -- ex CEO of Citigroup

.5 Edmond Safra -- founder of Republic Bank

.6 Paul Warburg -- Founder of the Federal Reserve Banking System

.7 Nickolas J. Neubauer -- Chairman --The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT),

.8 Robert Rubin -- Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

.9 Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg,
.10 Steven Cohen, billionaire founder of SAC Capital Management

.11 Marcus Goldman & Samuel Sachs, founders of Goldman Sachs

.12 Carl Icahn, billionaire Investments Takeovers

.13 Charles H. Fa,7 Frederick W. Schoenhut
chairman New York Board of Trade

.14 Henry Kravis, philanthropist co-founder of KKR

.15 Edward Lampert, billionaire founder of ESL Investments

.16 Henry, Emanuel & Mayer Lehman, founders of Lehman Brothers

.17 Norma Lerner, Randolph Lerner, & Nancy Lerner Beck,
billionaire co-owners of MBNA Financial

.18 Leo Melamed, founder of the International Monetary Market

.19 Michael Milken, junk bond king

.20 James D. Wolfensohn, president World bank. Wolfensohn is connected to the
Rothschild empire. Gee, what a surprise.


This is just a small sample of the hundrends of examples I found. Click on the link above or paste it, and you can see the complete list. It really an informative site. You can also get lists of Jews in the entertainment industry, legal industry, education, real estate, and government. I suppose that the Libertards would tell us that it's all just a coincidence that the Jews form a disproportionate percentage in these fields. Coincidence my White ass!

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