Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lies Now Abound... What Really Happened To Jim Ramm?

The following statement was written by Jim Ramm on the Aryan Nations Forum. Jim wants to set the record straight about what has become of him.

Perhaps many of you have noticed my absence from this forum. I would like to clear up some misconceptions. My original goal upon selling the Zog's Nightmare website was to retire from the movement while allowing another group to continue promoting the information. But the plan failed because The NSALP dissolved and the websites and forum needed another home. Paul, from the Aryan Nations, agreed to take the new, completely redesigned and copyright-free version Zog's Nightmare (along with Shitskin) under his wing. The sites, along with my services to create the AN forum were all donated to the Aryan Nations. I never joined the AN, ANP or any other organization, and I never started my own organization... all because I still planned on retiring from the movement.

Why retire? Don't get me wrong, I still deeply loathe non-whites but have very little free time available for posting on the internet, going to rallies or other activities. The little free time I have is now consumed with various day to day responsibilities.

Certain less than honorable mini-fuhrer's have now been targeting me online with outrageous lies and libel. They are enraged because someone did the research and discovered that this person is married to a woman who was married to a nigger for nine years. She even has a mixed-race mistake. This person created a blog at: publishing all the data exposing race-treason. This evidence has caused many in this leader's organization to resign, unable to stomach the idea of their mini-fuhrer married to race-mixer. I have examined the evidence and the results are inescapable: Joanna Schoep was married to a nigger for nine years.

Frankly, I have been lied about many times before and this isn't the first. As usual no evidence is presented to support the outlandish statements made by a man who is without honor. indirectly.html

Much thanks to those whom see through the lies and have enough common sense to ignore the nonsense.


I myself have been the victim of scurrilous lies, both on two different blogs, and probably other places I haven't found out about yet. It doesn't feel good. But you have to get used to it if you're going to be a leader in the movement. I'm sure Jim has done just that, but it still sucks. Having someone impersonate you is an entirely different matter. I'm not sure if anyone has impersonated me at this time, but it would be a major violation. It's sort of like identity theft. The people who do things like that are the lowest kind of scum. If we take the high road every time something like that happens, most will realise the truth. Those that don't are either idiots, or lowlifes - or both, and I could care less what those turds think anyway. But it still kind of sucks either way.

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