Sunday, December 4, 2011

Commentary On "It's A Wonderful Race"

Comrades, for Chairman Suhayda's latest ANP report, he posted that great story, "It's A Wondeful Race", a racial take off on Jimmy Stewart's, "It's A Wonderful Life."

I'd like to call to your attention, a remark made by Clarence The Angel. When George couldn't believe that the non-White inhabitants of the Americas in this Alternate world without Whites had not invented things like cars, electric lights, airplanes, and all the other modern conveniences the world has our race to thank for, Clarence said, "No, and they never will."

I'm sure that the non-Whites, and some confused Whites would disagree. They think that given enough time, the Native Americans would have developed modern technology on their own - even if it took a few hundred years. I seriously doubt that that is true.

The first Europeans were known to have come to North America as long as four thousand years ago. Near my hometown is something that is known as America's Stonehenge. Archaeologists say construction began circa 2000 B.C., and continued off and on until circa 1000 B.C. The building style and engineering techniques used are the same as those used on the original Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plains of western England. They are satisfied that the megalithic astronomical calculator in New Hampshire was built by the same race as the one in England, which means both were made by the Celts - a White race.

But could the Indians have built it? Absolutely not. The Indians did not build in stone. They lacked the tools to do so. Even the pueblos of the Southwest were built of mud brick. The techniques that built them did not build America's Stonehenge.

Scientists also state that there has been no archaeological evidence found that the Celts who came to New Hampshire ever warred with the local Indians. Possibly because the ancient Celts were closer to their level of technology. Both were in the Stone Age. But that wouldn't last.

The Celts abandoned the site, probably because it was too far from home for them. About 3500 years ago, it was re-discovered by the Phoenicians who settled there and made some additions.

The Phoenicians - a White race had progressed to the Bronze Age. The Indians were STILL in the Stone Age.

It is now well established that the Vikings were in North America as long ago as 1000 years. The Norsemen - also a White race had progressed to the Iron Age. The Indians were STILL in the Stone Age.

The Spaniards - also a White race (at least the Castillians in the north) rediscovered the New World. They had progressed to the Steel Age, yet the Indians were STILL in the Stone Age. In 3500 years, the White Race progressed from the Stone Age to the Steel Age. The Indians made little to no progress at all.

The Indians are NOT a unique case. Over the same 3500 year period, the Africans made no progress, and neither did the Pacific Islanders. Indeed, less than 150 years ago, many Island tribes still engaged in the most barbaric practice of all - cannibalism. In Papua New Guinea, some remote tribes are to this day suspected of continuing cannibalism.

As to the Asians, throughout history, they tended to be more advanced technologically, but most of what they had, like today, is copied from other races. Sociologically, they were a lot more backward. For example, their Medieval period didn't end until 1850. That's 1850 A.D., not B.C.

In 3500 years, the Indians, Africans, and Pacific Islanders made NO progress whatsoever. Now I ask you comrades, what do these scientific facts - facts, not opinions, theories, or hypothesis tell you about racial superiority? I'll let you answer that one for yourselves.

As for any non-Whites who may read this, be honest with yourselves. You know your people made little or no scientific and technological advances until they had contact with the White race.
If our race had never existed where would yours be? You might indeed be the master race, but where would you rule from? Tee pees and grass huts - that's where. What would you be wearing? Loincloths and grass skirts. What kind of things would you be reading? Chances are, you wouldn't be able to read at all. Without us, that's EXACTLY where you'd be, and you know it.

Comrades, about 95% of the world's scientific achievements were because of the White race. The NAACP claims that Black scientists are responsible for things like the spark arrester, peanut butter, the gas mask, the stop light, and many other things. Careful research has proven this to be all untrue. All the above mentioned devices were first invented by Whites. These Black scientists merely took what we did, and made some improvements. As to peanut butter, it was first made in the Chicago area about 20 years BEFORE George Washington Carver "discovered" it. What happened was, it simply didn't catch on in Chicago. When GWC came up with it, it made a hit with the locals, and it caught on this time. I guess he did a better job of marketing it than it's true creator.

Part of marketing is the skillful use of BS. It seems that Blacks are just as good as spreading BS as Whites are. Considering the mistruths that the NAACP has put out regarding Black achievements, maybe they're a little better. LOL

Dan 88!


  1. Great commentary!! Way to put It all in perspective :)

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    BTW, I lived near America's Stonehenge for the first part of my life. We were only about five miles away. But like New Yorkers who live their whole lives in the city and never visited the Statue Of Liberty, we never went to America's Stonehege.

    I first went there on one of my family visits back home. The site doesn't appear very impressive at first glance, but when you consider how long ago it was built, and the fact that the builders traveled thousands of miles in ships that were primitive by Columbus's standards, it all falls into the proper perspective.

    Dan 88!