Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't Feed The Beast

Christmas is fast approaching. Most of us have started our Christmas shopping by now.
Indeed, some have already finished (not me).

The ANP and National Socialism preach against materialism. It is sad to say that at this
time of year materialism goes hog wild – and that includes many of us.

The holidays used to be a time of love, giving, sharing, and family togetherness. But in
the past few decades it has become nothing but “gimme, gimme, gimme!”

Rather than accepting gifts from your friends and family in the spirit of, “It’s the thought
that counts, it has become a time of list making and order filling.

Just look at the commercials that Madison Avenue puts out. All they do is encourage
greed, materialism, and selfishness. The people are told that the more you spend, the
better a holiday you and your family will have. Spending more than you can afford will
only give Wall Street a better Christmas, not you and your family.

The profits department stores rake in at this time of year are truly obscene.
According to the Retail Industry Guide, spending has descreased slightly in the past few
years, due to the failing economy and rising unemployment. However, the amount spent
at Christmas time by the average American family is truly disturbing.

The following is a five-year Comparison of the NRF BIGResearch Christmas Holiday
Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, 2005 - 2010:

Average Amount Consumers Planned to Spend For Gifts

$688.87 - 2010
$681.83 - 2009
$694.19 - 2008
$755.13 - 2007
$750.70 - 2006
$734.69 - 2005

Average Amount Consumers Planned to Spend for Christmas or Holiday Decorations

$41.51 - 2010
$40.70 - 2009
$42.90 - 2008
$46.01 - 2007
$44.11 - 2006
$40.67 - 2005

Average Amount Consumers Planned to Spend for Christmas Holiday Food

$86.32 - 2010
$90.14 - 2009
$79.26 - 2008
$87.55 - 2007
$86.54 - 2006
$87.34 - 2005

Percentage of Consumers Planned to Spend on Non-Gift Purchases For Themselves

57.1% - 2010
52.9% - 2009
56.6% - 2008
56.0% - 2007
56.7% - 2006
52.9% - 2005

Total Amount Consumers Planned to Spend for Winter Holiday-Related

$688.87 - 2010
$681.83 - 2009
$694.19 - 2008
$755.13 - 2007
$750.70 - 2006
$734.69 - 2005

Percentage of Consumers Who Planned to Celebrate Winter Holidays or Participate in
Halloween Activities:

91.7% - 2010
93.2% - 2009
93.6% - 2008
90.2% - 2007
93.0% - 2006
93.0% - 2005

Now that we have the figures, let’s do some basic arithmetic. We’ll stick with last year
to make things simple.

Money spent on gifts comes to $688.87. Another $41.51 for decorations. Food comes to
$82.32. Of course you’re such a good person, you deserve to buy yourself a present.
No dollar amount is given but 51% of Americans do this. I think $50.00 for a self-gift is
a reasonable figure.

Okay, let’s add it all up. That comes to $866.70. Now let’s not forget that we use extra
gas running around to a dozen different stores filling our family’s Christmas orders, so I
think it’s fair to round that up to about $900.00.

Things have gotten completely out of hand. When I was a kid, the Christmas decorations
went up in the stores after Thanksgiving. Now they go up a day or two after Halloween.
That’s because for the most part, department stores don’t make very much money off of
Thanksgiving. Supermarkets do, but not department stores.

The Judeo-Capitalists have commercialized and twisted this wonderful time of year into
a time of greed and selfishness, and all for the sake of their mega-profits.

It’s a far cry from what Charles Dickens wrote in ‘A Christmas Carol’,
“Uncle, I’ve always looked upon Christmas as a good time and a charitable time. It’s the
only time where people seem to realize that we’re all part of the same family, and being
part of the same family, we all owe each other some measure of warmth and solace. And
though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pockets, I think that it has done me
good, and will do me good, and I say God bless it!”

Remember the old saying, “Christmas is a time of giving, not receiving.” It’s also a time
of giving of yourself.

Let’s not forget that when you give in to greed at Christmas, you are literally feeding the
Beast that is draining you dry. It’s not enough that they send our jobs overseas. It’s not
enough that that pay us low wages with the jobs they don’t outsource. But they have to
make us think that we’re cheap and stingy people if we don’t empty our wallets every
December 25.

I’m not saying we should not buy Christmas presents for our friends and family. That is, and always will be a part of the holiday. What I’m saying is we should use restraint. Let’s not try and buy everything that Madison Avenue says we must have.

How many of you overspend every year, and barely get it paid off in time to start it all
over again?

The vicious cycle must stop. This year, give of yourself, instead of your wallet. Buy
presents, of course, but do it sensibly, and within your means. But above all, DON’T

BTW, just two weeks to go!

Note: This is to acknowledge a comment made by an NSM member. I did not publish it because it violated my obscenity rule. However, I did read it, and I agree that the NSALP is NOT responsible for the action you mentioned, and we do need to stop all the in fighting. All too often, trash talking others is done for personal reasons rather than professional, and that's even worse. That's why I no longer do that unless I have hard proof to back it up. When I give my honest opinion about another group's activities, I at least try and not be nasty about it. For example, when I criticized the NSM's event in nearby Pomona, I did not use obscenities, nor insults. There's a difference between CONstructive criticism and DEstructive criticism. Destructive criticism serves no purpose, only does harm, and makes us all look bad. The same with using obscenities which is why I don't allow them. Maybe the occasional hell or damn, but that's as far as I'll go. After all, none of us are angels, right?!

Dan 88!


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    I think the site should be taken down until its fixed..

  2. -------------------------------------December 12, 2011 at 12:43 AM

    Thanks comrade, we're aware of the situation. Taking it down has proved to be difficult without losing all the other content. If Comrade Bowles can't find a way to take it down without losing everything else, then it will have to be lost.

    Any ideas? We're not computer whizzes or anything.

    Dan 88!