Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reconquistos To Stage Their Own "Protest"

Latinos to occupy their homeleand

By Miguel Perez

Members of Nuestros Reconquistos, Take Back Aztlán, and the Aztlánian Brotherhood met at the Phoenix Public Library this morning to discuss a future movement for Latinos called “Occupy Aztlán.” It will start in Phoenix and eventually involve protesting in states originally owned by Mexico.

“Occupy Wall Street” has been such as success,” says Nuestros Reconquistos President Manuel Longoria. Latinos will create a symbolic similar movement that will remind Americans who originally owned Mexican lands occupied by California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma.”

Latinos plan non-violent protests in mostly upscale areas where rich White people live. Part of the demonstrations include door-to-door protests. “Occupy Aztlán” will start in January.


Protest door-to-door? WTF does that mean? Are they planning on knocking on White people's doors and tell them to get out off the land they legally bought and paid for? Back in New Hampshire we had a word for that: TRESPASSING! Here in California I'm not so sure these days, but definitely in New England and the South.

The only way this insanity will end is if we end it. For one thing, I don't feel we stole anything from them. They lost it in the Mexican-American war, which they started in the first place. California wasn't even taken. It was sold to us by Mexico shortly after the war because they were broke, and the United States thought it best to keep them below the Rio Grande all the way. At least in the case of California, they are complaining to the wrong people. They should address their gripes to Mexico City.

I know this is true because a few years ago, former Mexican President Vicente Fox commented in an interview that technically Santa Catalina Island and the other channel islands still belong to Mexico. He said the deed of sale of California to the United States did not include the offshore islands, just the mainland. He also added that Mexico has no plans of pressing this claim. Gee, I'm so relieved to know that. lol

Comrades, just as they are stepping up their activism, so must we. As the Latino holiday Los Posados (don't ask me, but it is related to Christmas) begins on December 17, and Christmas is less than two weeks away, I doubt they'll be doing too much until after the holidays. Activism will take up too much valuable drinking time. I only said that because I've noticed a sharp in crease in beer and tequila sales in the markets recently. Mostly Corona, of course. So we can afford a little time off for the holidays as well, but after New Year's Day, we have to jump back into things with both feet, and renewed resolve.

So relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays, and be prepared to renew the fight with the New Year.

Dan 88!


  1. "Latinos plan non-violent protests in mostly upscale areas where rich White people live. Part of the demonstrations include door-to-door protests."

    I really hope things get rough and out of hand. Most these rich White types wouldn't give White working people the time of day, and would probably spit on WN/NS. These rich jerks pay Paco to mow their lawn and Juanita to watch their kids, maybe getting some fear put in them by the brown invaders might shake em up a little. But then they'd probably just flee to a more secure and nicer neighborhood, gated community etc. That's easier than actually doing something about the problem.

  2. -------------------------------------December 13, 2011 at 10:00 PM

    You make a good point. Their very servants might put some fear into those rich jerks. Maybe they'll start camping on their lawns instead of mowing them! That would be sweet.

    Dan 88!