Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Comrades, as most of you know, today is Pearl Harbor Day. It's the 70th anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base. But was it a sneak attack? Is it possible that the country's leaders knew it was coming and deliberately allowed it to happen? They most certainly did.

American Jews, both elected officials (and there are a lot of them) and private citizens were constantly putting pressure on FDR and the Congress to get the United States involved because of National Socialism's policies regarding their brethren in Germany. As Germany was an ally of Japan, ZOG knew that Hitler would be forced to take action against the United States if this country went to war with Japan.

Some people say this is far-fetched. Read the facts, and judge for yourselves. This report is very long, so it will take some time, but it is a fascinating and informative read. If you want to know the truth, then click on this link. If it's too much trouble, then you can't really care about our cause all that much. Pearl Harbor was the turning point that marked the beginning of the end of the Third Reich. Even the Germans themselves knew that as soon as the United States entered the war, it meant eventual defeat for them, unless they could complete their rocket and atomic experiments quickly enough, which of course they didn't. The V2 may have been revolutionary technology, but it came just a little too late. Here's the link:

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