Friday, January 7, 2011

ANP Announcements And Updates

Just a few things to bring everyone up to date on.

1. My YouTube channel now has over 600 views, more than 20 subscribers (unless I block some if they turn out not to be who they claim to be), and more the 20 friends, and it hasn't even been up six weeks yet! I'm quite surprised at the response. I've had several nice comments, and not one insult - at least not yet. I'm sure some immature idiot will get round to that eventually. If anyone is saying, "What's the url?", if I haven't already added a link to the "White Friendly Sites" section, I shall shortly.

2. For those who have not visited the main ANP website recently, Chairman Suhayda is back from his rest leave. He's already posted his first ANP report. If anyone has ordered any merchandise and hasn't received it yet, don't worry. There is a back log and it will be cleared up soon. Same for the White Worker. All subscribers will get there copy very soon. Editor Hess has been distracted filling in for the Chairman. Things will be getting in the mail quickly now, so please be patient.

3. Again, for those who haven't visited the main website, the ANP will be holding its first West Coast event this year. Chairman Suhayda has asked me to organise it.
I've already submitted some preliminary ideas. Today, I actually decided on a location, pending his approval, and the results of my checking on appropriate venues at this location. I'm trying to be as central as possible to make it as fair as possible for all our West Coast comrades. In other words, it will NOT be here in San Bernardino. I wouldn't subject any comrade to that! After all, I'd like to see some families attend, and this cesspool of crime, corruption, and Mestizo gangs is not a place to bring young White children to. I've also considered an approximate time, and all information will be released as soon as Chairman Suhayda approves everything and I'm authorised to do so.

4. If you haven't read the Chairman's latest ANP report, I suggest you do so AT ONCE. He's introducing a new policy that will affect EVERY Party comrade.

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