Sunday, January 30, 2011


Comrades, for those of you who keep up with Chairman Suhayda's ANP Reports, and Comrade Bowles's blog, this is old news. But when I first read this, I thought it was so important, that I wanted to repost it here to make certain everyone gets to see it.

It's just simply outstanding, and shows that all these other groups calling themselves National Socialists are making very little progress. So please forgive me if you've already read this.

Friday, January 21

American Nazi Party Activist Elected To Top Union Office! ANP Fights For White Workers!

An activist in the American Nazi Party has been elected to a top union position in one of America's largest unions and by beating a Marxist union officer candidate as well. The American Nazi Party is a political party representing White working people and this election victory confirms its commitment to improving the lives of White American workers (just like the NSDAP did for German workers in the 1930's) and running stealth candidates in all kinds of elections.

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda said this in his latest web report:

"Comrades, my "rant" today is simple - we NEED to CHANGE from the rut of the past , in APPEARANCE and ATTITUDE - and to "BLEND IN" more with the masses, IF we seek to be accepted by them. Look, being so "ODD and DIFFERENT" from our own people, is only going to put a "BLOCK" between us, from even getting to first-base with our message. And this IS a situation that we CAN change and adapt to.

IF we LOOK and ACT "NORMAL" - the average White man and woman will more readily at LEAST listen and consider our opinions - IF we appear ALIEN to THEM ( right off the bat ), how do you think that THEY will view US?"

Basically, this advice was well heeded and this is why the ANP scored this big union election victory and wannabe groups like the NSM continue to be victory-less in any kind of attempt at winning elective office.

COMMENTATE: ANP leaders and activists will meet in early May 2011 to network and formulate new ideas and tactics for the American Nazi Party to achieve political victory in the USA.


  1. The ANP seems to be the only alternative to 'protesting in the steets', to people who coundn't care less about our opinions. Don't 'protest' power - GET IT!

  2. The ANP IS a political party, not a protest group.

  3. -------------------------------------January 30, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    Those other groups "protest" because it's fun for them. I will admit that when I went to AN's Pulaski rally/protest last summer, I did have a good time. We had a bar-b-que, plus we got a tour of historic Pulaski, Tenn., birthplace of the Klan, which was very interesting. But how much good did it do? Well, a few new members were signed up, but other than that, it accomplished nothing.

    Over all, I would say that it was not worth the 2100 miles I drove each way. Only about 20 people showed up, not counting a few locals. Basically it was a waste of time.

    Working towards political office is the key, not useless rallies and protests.

  4. I think they protest because they are too stupid to come up with a new, inovative tactic. Just do the same thing over and over, even if its never done any good.