Wednesday, August 17, 2011

America is Not Broke - Only Congress Is and It Can Be Replaced

By Victoria Pynchon | Forbes

The best economic news in several months is over at The Daily Beast - Stop the Panic, It's Not 2008.

The "market" is not a tornado or an earthquake; it's not an outbreak of hostilities between two nations; it's not a nuclear accident or a tsunami. It's the crowd-sourcing of pessimism or optimism about our financial future by a lot of people whose individual judgments are strongly influenced by other people with a significant stake in shaping the future the way they want it to be.

The market does not control America. Americans control America.

Here's the score on the Standard & Poors credit rating that has made the markets bob up and down like a kids Duncan Yo-Yo.

In this case, those people are primarily far right-wing politicians whom the moderates, the liberals and the progressives have permitted to frame the national economic issue as debt rather than revenues. And when the frame the problem, you control the answer.

No one really cares whose fault this is anymore other than politicians who want to be re-elected and I'm including my own '08 Presidential candidate in that. The people who need to take the conversation back and who should be framing the economic issue as one of jobs, not debt, are us.

That's us. We're in control. But as long as we allow ourselves to fight with one another over federal budget table-scraps (funding for the arts, Planned Parenthood and education) the people who control the meal - the financial industry and media on the right and the left - will continue to serve themselves heaping helpings while we deliver up to them the odd piece of filet mignon that falls from their crowded plates.

Business, too, has a stake in this. Not the businesses that make money on money but those that need consumers. General Motors, Wal-Mart, General Foods. They transport, clothe and feed the nation. And for the nation to purchase their goods, it must be employed. So this sunny Southern California morning, I'm asking as many people in positions powerful enough to change the national conversation to think long and hard about doing so.


I have to disagree with the author. America IS broke. The congress, and the government itself are only part of the problem.

If we were to replace the entire government with new politicians and appointees who have not yet been corrupted by the Judeo-Capitalist system, things would improve a little, but only for a short while. In a few years, maybe a few decades, we'd be right back where we started. Replacing a flat tire with a bald tire only means a few more miles before it too needs replacing.

Many politicians start their careers young, enthusiastic, and clean. Then they get exposed to corruption, bribes, kick backs, and "campaign contributions" from large corporations and they succumb to the temptation, and WE THE PEOPLE are once again screwed.

When a system is as broke as this one is, the only thing to do is replace it. National Socialism is the only hope the European-American has to survive. Without it, we'll be swallowed up in the ever-increasing melting pot of non-White races and cultures. Without a common history, culture, and traditions, we will end up like the dinosaurs. We'll be nothing more than an exhibit in one of their museums entitled, "The Great Oppressors Of Our People".

So what are you going to do White man? Are you going to go out on your backs in the mud, or are you going to fight? The ANP needs your support. No more hemming and hawing. No more procrastinating. Soon it will be too late. It could be as soon as 2020. It's not too late yet, but it could be sooner than you think.

Dan 88!


  1. Dan, it's always this racial angle that is tossed in what you say that may or may not be the cause of you reaching a larger target audience. The problem I have with it is the assumption that white people as a whole will be less likely to do those things you mentioned (corruption, bribes etc.) The other part that is scary is having to trust NS to make those decisions for you instead of we the people having our voice heard. I really don't buy the free speech thing (although you are letting me exercise that free speech right now) because democracy and NS don't go together. I don't even think they can be merged and come up with anything new. Especially after I read your no.2 on todays post "earned" not "given".. that leaves a lot of people doubting whether or not they'd make the cut. Hmmm.. I think maybe I'd make the cut because I can work and just keep my mouth shut. Perhaps I need some duct tape for my mouth and then I'd work out just fine -
    because you know I always keep it real. I've noticed in this type of arena a lot of people are tight lip. They expect to be led and just follow orders, maybe? All I ever expected NS to do was to work out the fine details and see their oversights for what they are and then be honest enough to work on those. Nothing is perfect but we can strive towards perfection.


  2. -------------------------------------August 18, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    Of course their is almost always a racial angle. The ANP is a White organisation run for and by White working class people. BTW, that doesn't mean White people with money aren't welcome to join, as long as they subscribe to our ideals. We aren't against the wealthy, just the super-wealthy.

    Dan 88!

  3. Oh well Dan, I was expecting more of an answer than this but I guess it will have to suffice. At least you're honest. Just a reminder that most people will not subscribe to the Nazi ideology because of the negativity that permeates; surrounds it. It took a while and several revisiting it until finally I began to understand it. This so-called truth that NS is the only way was not clearly visable to me and I suspect that may be the case with a lot of other people. I think perhaps my overview of it at this point is that it's a faster track to accomplish things...

  4. -------------------------------------August 19, 2011 at 3:54 AM

    National Socialism is a very efficient system. When you have efficiency, it's always a faster track to accomplishment.

    Dan 88!