Sunday, August 28, 2011

ANP News And Reminders

I have two items today.

First is about Facebook. For those of you who use FB, bear in mind that it is literally owned by Jews. Their terms of use state that they will not tolerate "hate, threats, or racism." They can disable your account at any time if you violate those terms. That includes posting National Socialist pics, articles, and links to NS sites. Also, using racial slurs, and just threatening another racial group in general can get you booted off. They will never give you a detailed reason as to why your account was disabled. The email will just say your account was disabled because you violated their terms of use, and that's all they'll tell you. Legally, that's all they have to tell you.

Now you might say, "So what?! I'll just open another account." Yep, you can do that. However, you'll lose all your FB friends, and will have to start contacting them all again, and sending friend requests one at a time. Also, if you're playing any of FB's episodic games like "Empires And Allies", "Cityville", etc., you'll lose your place. You'll have to start from level one again. If you spent actual money buying points, allies, or items for the game, you've lost your money. After all, it isn't ZYNGA's fault your account was disabled, so why should they refund your money?

If you continue to violate their terms of use again, they'll give you the sack as soon as they find out and/or get around to it, and rest assured, they will - you can count on it. So bear this in mind when you post NS related items. If this isn't a problem for you, then fine. If it is, think before you write or post something. Remember, FB shares their information with the federal government. It helps ZOG gather intel on us. Never say anything on FB you wouldn't say to a cop or a judge.

Also, many of these FB National Socialists are infiltrators and weirdos. Unless you know a FB friend personally, NEVER TRUST THEM. They could be agents or dangerous kooks, for all you know. Think security at all times. Whatever we do, ZOG will always try and gather info on us. Let's help them as little as possible.

Next, Comrade Axl had his second Talkshoe radio show today. It went very well, despite the fact that I was the only caller. Now I understand many of you didn't even know about it. Okay fine. You're excused. But those of you who did, what's your excuse? Can't afford a long distance call. You mean you can't afford a five minute call just to say hello or make a quick comment before you run your bill up too much? Horse manure. A five minute call only costs a couple of bucks. Some can't afford that if they're out of work, but most of you can afford a few minutes, so let's get with it - especially you SA Men. In a way, it costs to be in the SA. You have to make your pledges. You have to distribute literature, which means money for copies. You have to attend at least SOME conferences, and you might have to shell out three or four bucks for a long distance phone call. More is expected from the SA than the OS. If you can't meet those responsibilities, maybe you should rethink your place in the SA. Maybe you should go back to being an OS again if you can't live up to your responsibilities.

The next show will be Friday, September 2, or Saturday, September 3. It hasn't been decided yet, but will be in a day or two. When it is all set, I will post the day, time, the phone number, and the access code. I won't do it in a daily post, it will be posted in a permanent place on this blog. I'll just change the day and time every week.

For our opposition, you are welcome to call in too and give your opinions on the ANP, our policies, our leadership, whatever you want. All we ask is you behave like mature adults. If you can't say what you want to say without threats, insults or obscenities, then don't bother. This is a show for adults, not foul mouthed children. If you pull any of that, I guarantee you that it will be you that comes off sounding like an A-Hole, not us.

Talk to you next week.

Dan 88!


  1. Sorry I won't be calling Axl since he told me in German to shut up. Let him talk to like minded individuals and have one way conversations that amount to diddly.

  2. -------------------------------------September 2, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    Huh? This is the first I've heard of this.

    Dan 88!