Friday, August 5, 2011

Germany threatens Facebook over face recognition and tagging

San Francisco Business Times - by Steven E.F. Brown

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 11:21am PDT - Last Modified: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 11:24am PDT

Officials in Germany have warned Facebook to shut down automatic face recognition software and to delete biometric data from users in that country.

The top data protection officer in Hamburg wrote to Palo Alto-based Facebook this week, warning that the software -- which runs automatically and must be turned off by users -- breaks data protection and privacy laws.

The official, Johannes Caspar, threatened Facebook with fines of as much as 300,000 euros, or $420,000, if it doesn't obey.

In the past, Germany has also objected to privacy violations by Mountain View-based Google, Inc because of its "street view" cameras, which photographed homes and people on the streets.

No one's sure how many pictures have been uploaded to Facebook over the years, but some guesses are as high as 75 billion. This biometric software studies the faces in photographs and picks out the "friends" of other people in the system.


Frankly, I was already aware of this situation. Not the part about Germany, but about how Facebook is used for data collection. Not just on National Socialists, but all FB users. That's why I told you yesterday to never say anything on FB that you wouldn't say to a judge or a cop.

Also, any of you who wish to remain "under the radar" in being an ANP Supporter, then FB is definitely not where you want to be talking about National Socialism. Even if you use a false name, and get a yahoo or hotmail account solely for the purpose of opening a FB account, the government can trace things back to you if they choose to go to the trouble. If you want to remain under the radar, don't risk it. It's sort of like a sign I saw in someone's front window. It read, "This house protected by a killer Pitbull three days a week. You guess which three."

I'm not telling you to stay off of FB. If you enjoy it, then it's your thing. However, if you are concerned about being outed, then never mention National Socialism at all. Even if you try and conceal your real identity, ANYTHING you put on an open forum could come back and bite you on the ass.

I don't fully know just to what degree of capability the government actually has when it comes to surveillance and information gathering, but I always assume the government could find out exactly what I'm doing with my computer as long as I'm online.

Since I've already been outed, it doesn't matter as much in my case. Remember, 1984 has been here a long while. Never doubt that Big Brother COULD be watching. Not that he is watching you, but he could be. Assume he is. Better safe than sorry.

A lady friend of mine sent this to me. Thanks Kathy.

Dan 88!


  1. Thanks Dan! I'm not a big fan of facebook either. I had a WWII history group on there which was identical to the one I've had on yahoo for the last 5 years. After 5 months I had over 500 members. I have never had this type of membership on yahoo so I thought it was worthwhile continuing the facebook group. One night facebook decided to delete the group citing it's racist, offensive. Facebook needs to learn the difference between hate and history. Facebook went a step further in their rush to delete most stuff off my profile page and they probably accidently deleted a lot of my home videos with just simply the dogs in it. I guess they would have a hard time explaining why home video of dogs running around in the yard is offensive and racist, eh? So you know it's like you said it was invented by Jews to disregard privacy and peer into your personal life with everyone flocking to it eagerly to answer. There was a time when people who were asked all these questions simply answered back, "why are you writing a book?" Google "Top Ten Reasons to Quit Facebook" and you will find an article with the specifics as to why you should quit facebook right away. FYI, this censorship is worse on facebook than it is on youtube. Living history and re-enactors encounter the same problems on both facebook and youtube as do neo nazis.


  2. Dan, here is another article about Anonymous going after Facebook posted today. You might find it interesting.

  3. Dan here is yet another article why Facebook is dangerous. It's about prison inmates with cell phones going on facebook to look at their victims pictures to further harass them. Pretty soon we'll have a stack of articles on Facebook and perhaps someone will realize there are major privacy problems with this facebook idea.