Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some People Are Just Pathetic

Something happened today. I'm sure Taylor Bowles wouldn't even dignify this turd with a response, and maybe I shouldn't either, but he's just such a sad case, I decided I would mention this incident.

Today, I was doing a job for my largest client. Since they are only a half a mile away, I can come home for lunch which is nice. So I'm eating and watching a DVD, and I get a picture message on my cell phone. I look at it, and it's a picture of a disgusting looking nude White male from the waist down with an erection. Extremely gross.

Who would do such a perverted thing? My cell number is unlisted, and I'm very careful as to who I give it to. My conclusion, it had to be somebody I know. Since I have not set my phone to refuse to take calls from unlisted numbers, I don't know who sent it, but it has to be someone I know. Why would someone do this? It's obvious. Someone is angry at me, most probably for resigning from the ANSP. I will not accuse anyone in particular, because I have no proof. It might not even have been anyone from ANSP. It could've been an ANTIFA who somehow got a hold of my number, or it could even have been a wrong number. Who can say?

But whoever did this, it was a very sad and pathetic thing to do. If the person responsible ever reads this, I'd like to suggest that you ask yourself what kind of a person does a repugnant act like this make you? Can anyone who would do something like this call himself a person of good character? I say no. You are a person of very low character and morals. Indeed, not only was this revolting, but it was very childish. Your motives are irrelevant. Perhaps you consider me a traitor and this was a form of retaliation. I resigned from ANSP, I did not betray it. Being a member of a NS group is not like being in the Mafia where you're in for life, and if you try and leave you're a traitor and are treated accordingly. Whatever WN or NS group you're in, it's acceptable to leave without being a traitor - at least as far as I'm concerned.

The person who did this really should take a good look at himself. His character definitely needs some improvement, or at the very least, he needs to do some growing up.

When the general public gets wind of things like this, it only serves to reinforce the image of how the media portrays us: People of limited mentality and questionable character. For the sake of the movement, let's not be behaving like a bunch of petulant high school kids and act our ages.

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