Thursday, October 7, 2010

Students Tagged with RFID Chips in "Smart Badge Program"


Students Tagged with RFID Chips in "Smart Badge Program"

Chris | InformationLiberation

High school and Junior High students in Santa Fe are being forced to be tracked like prisoners with RFID badges and have their every movement monitored by the all seeing eye of the state. It's all in the name of 'safety,' says the mentally deficient school's administrator, but students are saying they feel like prisoners.

KHOU 11 News Reports:

SANTA FE— Students in Santa Fe have to wear ID badges to class, complete with a built-in tracking device.

The Smart Badge program started this school year, and is getting mixed reviews from parents and students.

Patrick Mann is a senior and said he feels like he’s in prison.

“Normally, the one people you would track are say prisoners or somebody that’s done something very wrong,” Mann said.

Not only are the students being tracked while they're in the state run jails schools, they're even being tracked while they're out of school as well.
The sensors are in the ceiling on campus, but Mann said they keep tabs of you off campus too.

“At that Shell Station, they can see exactly where I am,” Mann said. “I know that because the school cops came up there and said, ‘Hey, you need to get back to school. We tracked you over here.’”
Of course, in reality, this is to teach the children how to live as wards of the state, that's the real purpose of government-run schools and always has been.

It's an old truism that the "safest" place on earth is in a jail cell, gladly our government-run schools are doing their part to make that a truism a reality.


If I were still a kid, I'd take my school ID, a hammer, a chisle, and give that ole chip a few whacks. Every time they give me a new one, out comes Mr. Hammer and Mr. Chisle to deal with it. I would never stand for being chipped like a pet. As to office workers being chipped, I'm against it, but you have a choice. Wear the chip, or not work there. Kids have no choice. They have to attend school, so they have to wear the chip. Now the little ones, like K - 3, is different. With children that young, I'd want to know where they were at every possible moment, since there are so many nutters on the loose.

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