Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Announcements And Reminders

Today I just want to make a few announcements and reminders to everyone.

First, I want to remind you all that anonymous comments ARE allowed. Due to an oversight on my part, they weren't at first, but that has been corrected.

Second, I have begun my own YouTube channel. You can find it at The only video I've posted is the one I posted here the other day, but there will be more later.

Third, my Craig's List ANP ad is STILL up! That's 15 days and still running. A record for me!

Fourth, the ANP's National event will be held this summer in Laurens, SC. I'll announce the exact date as soon as it is set, and I'm given authorisation to do so.

Fifth, the ANP is also holding it's Christmas Party on December 4 at the Redneck Shop in Laurens, hosted by Comrade John Taylor Bowles. I wish I could attend, but I have to save my money for the big one this summer.

Sixth, this one is of some concern. Chairman Suhayda is suffering from ill health. It is NOT life threatening. I will not go into any more detail here, as I don't feel it's appropriate. I have been back with ANP only about six weeks now, and since I have not fully earned everyone's trust yet, I am not privy to everything. Rocky explains it all in his lastest ANP Report. If you would like to know more, I suggest you go to the main website and read for yourselves.

Finally, if you haven't already noticed, my counter has passed 10,000 hits! Now I have to admit that the media is responsible for probably about two thousand of them. When I announced my candidacy for school board, the next day I received about 500 hits. For the next several days, I was getting two or three hundred a day, then it went back to normal. Just before the election, it jumped way up again for a few days. Anyway, a hit is a hit, right? I'd like to thank everyone who has made this blog the minor success it is.

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