Thursday, December 2, 2010

Literature Distribution

Comrades, I don't intend to bother with this subject every month, but December is different from every other month of the year.

During most months, it's alright to put off this duty until later in the month. However, Christmas is coming up, and it's on a weekend this year. I'm sure we all have more enjoyable things to do on the 25th besides handing out literature, so for December, the best thing to do is to just get out and do it. I'm all ready to go. This weekend I'm going to get it done, so I can spend time doing all the holiday things we enjoy such as putting up decorations, trimming the tree, and hanging the outdoor lights (that one I'm not too crazy about- up the ladder, hang, down the ladder, move, up the ladder hang, down the ladder, move, etc ad nauseum).

Now I realise that in many parts of the country, going out and doing this - especially late at night may not be practical. But for those who live where the weather permits this, I suggest you don't procrastinate. Just do it. Two hundred flyers and/or stickers sounds like a lot when you say it, but in reality it's a snap. Just put a DVD in the player, watch a movie and sort your literature, put them in ziplock backs with a rock, put them in a box (I use a laundry basket. It holds more than 200 baggies and is easy to carry.). Before you know it, you're all finished. All that's left to do is to go out and drop them off.

It is true that some places of business work extra hours this month. If you work at such a place, then you may not have the time what with extra work plus all the holiday preparations. But if you will be working regular hours, and if weather permits, get it done early. Now if you work for a company that closes between Christmas and New Year's Day and you're not going out-of-town, that would be an ideal time to do it. You can wait until almost the end of the month, and still have plenty of time to get it done.

We all want to enjoy this festive time of year, but we shouldn't be neglectful of our duties either. The enemy won't be taking the month off, and neither should we.
Unless you'll be getting extra time off at the end of the month, the best thing to do is get your responsibilities done early, then you can relax and enjoy your Christmas.

Finally, I know we all have extra exspenses in December, but we still need you to send your monthly pledges in on time. The ANP has bills to pay every month. There's website hosting fees, buying paper, ink cartidges, xerox expsenses, postage exspenses, and the like. We don't want the ANP to start the year off broke do we? Your monthly pledge is every bit as much a duty as literature distribution. Let's all get these things done ASAP and then we can enjoy our Christmas season.

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