Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jewish Influence Now Reaches Into Japan

Nazi Costume Pulled from shelves
'This was meant purely as a joke,' firm says after complaint from Simon Wiesenthal Center

The Associated Press

TOKYO — A Japanese discount chain said Tuesday that it will pull a Nazi costume from its shelves after a complaint from a Jewish organization in the U.S.

The costume on sale at retailer Don Quijote Co. includes a black jacket with a swastika armband and a sketch resembling Adolf Hitler on the package, with the phrase "Heil Hitler."

The outfit was on sale for about 5,000 yen ($60) in at least two Don Quijote outlets in Tokyo, including one in the upscale Ginza shopping district.

Aico, a Japanese party goods maker, has made the costume for seven years and never had a complaint, said spokesman Nobuyoshi Nasuzawa. He said his company uses distributors and so wasn't aware of which retailers sold it.

'Symbol of hatred'

Don Quijote said it would pull the product after being told of a letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish rights organization based in Los Angeles. The letter, dated Monday, requested that sales at the store immediately cease, saying that millions of Jews and other innocents were killed by the Nazis during World War II and that the swastika remains a "symbol of hatred."

"We want to fully respond to this letter from the center and are currently working within the company to do so," said company spokeswoman Kana Kasai in Tokyo.

Kasai said she didn't immediately know how long the product had been on sale or how many had been sold.

"This was meant purely as a joke, as something that would easily be recognizable. If we have complaints will certainly stop sales," said Nasuzawa, the Aico spokesman.

An online search showed the costume was being sold by small retailers hosted on the Japanese version of shopping sites such as Amazon. An Amazon spokesman in Tokyo could not immediately be reached.


This goes to show how far Jewish influence reaches. There is virtually no place on Earth now where it isn't felt. I'll wager that if the costume in question was a Mao Tse Tung costume, or a Castro uniform, there would be no objections. Of course, the Weaselthal Centre would probably say they have nothing in particular against Mao or Fidel, so that wouldn't be objectionable - at least not to them. Just ask anyone from Red China or Cuba if they would be offended by a Mao or Fidel costume and you'd hear a different story. But we mustn't forget that Communism is a Jewish creation. Why would they be offended by their own invention? Now as to National Socialism, the only force that ever came close to defeating them, it's no wonder that they object. We almost destroyed their power once, and they're determined to never let that happen again. I got news for them. It will happen again. The time draws near. In time, their infamous Judeo-Capitalism, and their Aryan traitor lackeys will get their come-uppance.

Now I want to make something clear. I'm not talking about concentration camps and exterminations. I'm talking about toppling their financial empires and returning control of the world's finances in North America and Europe to our own Aryan Folk. We will be their debt-slaves no longer. HAIL VICTORY! 88!

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