Friday, June 24, 2011


I have just one announcement today. I truly regret having to do this, but we have an NSM turd coming on here and making inappropriate comments. I've had to make some changes to the comments feature. Anyone can still comment, and it can be anonymously, but each comment will have to have my approval before it is published.

I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this. However, many National Socialist blogs, including Comrade JT Bowles's blog do the comments in this fashion, so my changing my policy isn't really out of the ordinary.

Now that isn't the case on White Reference. All comments are immediately published. Now I am not criticizing Anchorage Activist for his policy. It's his blog and he can run it the way he chooses. However, just look at what goes on there. True, WR has a lot more traffic than S & S, but look at the type of people that comment. They argue back and forth, they insult each other, and they take cheap shots at anyone who disagrees with them.

I'm sure Anchorage Activist has his reasons for allowing that sort of behaviour, and it is his business, but I won't allow that sort of thing here. I make the rules here as I see fit, and I don't have to explain my blog policies to anyone.

Whether they are directed at me, or anyone else here, I hate insults, cheap shots, snide remarks, and childish arguing. I like to see a good debate going on a relevant issue, but I hate it when supposedly grown adults argue, name call, and tell unsubstantiated stories about other National Socialists.

But do you know who loves that sort of thing? The Jews Media, and our other adversaries. They just lap that stuff up because it makes us look the way they want us to look to the general public: Like a bunch of childish kooks with absolutely no credibility.

Once again, I apologise for having to tighten up restrictions because of a few immature idiots who seemingly have nothing better to do than tear other people down. I just thought I owed my responsible followers and readers an explanation. Thank you for your understanding.

Dan 88!


  1. You have a perfect right to restrict your blog in this fashion, to prevent the diatribes of mere "Ink Nazis" from bleeding into what is for true, dedicated NS folk *working together*, a place on the 'net we like to call "home".

    Best Racial Regards,
    ~Dr. Johann Hauptmann

  2. Actually, during the past few days, I've been screening comments much more vigorously on White Reference, and deleting a whole bunch that were grossly abusive and off-topic. A bunch of people saw fit to launch a sustained smear attack on Rocky Suhayda simply because he decided to promote a more common sense approach in dealing with gays. Chairman Suhayda seems like a standup guy who actually cares about this business, and he doesn't deserve the abuse.

    Good luck with your indoor rally in July. If I lived in the Lower 48, I would attend.