Friday, June 10, 2011

ANP News, Updates, And Reminders

I have to apologise again. It seems that something got past me. Chairman Suhayda pointed out that a story I had posted regarding Bill White sending up a bunch of balloons with Swastika flags was more than three years old. When I double checked, the story was written in 2008. My bad. I'll be more observant from now on. As it's old news, I've deleted it. For those of you who send me stories, make them as current as possible. If they're more than a month old, then they are out dated. Thank you.

As it's now June 10, I sincerely hope every Supporter has his or her pledge at least in the mail by now. I mailed mined three days ago. How about you?

I'll be having my meet and greet with an East Coast Supporter sometime in the next two days. Like I said previously, all details are confidential for the moment. Since he's a first time California visitor, I'm really looking forward to hearing his opinion about the Fool's Golden State.

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?

A few days ago, I reported that California Governor Jerry Brown cut disability payments by $15 a month. It seems other social programs face similar cuts in the new budget year, which begins in July. Rather than kick all illegal aliens off of all social programs and deport them back to their native lands, he's going to cut everyone's benefits so that we can still afford to support these foreign parasites - at least for the moment. SMOOTH MOVE GOVERNOR BROWN - STAIN!
Ironically, most people who are on social programs are Democrats and voted this idiot into office. I hope they're good and sorry now. What is it they say, about the idiots leading the idiots?

Finally, I mentioned that one of our Party comrades has started his own site selling NS related items to help financially support the ANP. Well, it seems he's got things up and running. Now, it's not a web site per se. It's a blog, but he is selling merchandise on it. He told me he's using a blog for selling because money is tight right now. He said if it actually makes any money, the first thing he'll do is invest in a proper website. He didn't like the free website options he found out there, so he went with a blogsite. The URL is It's not much, but at least he's trying.

BTW, if you remember, a few days ago I challenged all the whiners and critics to offer any better suggestions as to how to make this a better country. No replies, so far. Use the comments section for your suggestions. There are no replies, because they have no suggestions. All they know how to do is criticize others, and bitch and moan about the state of things. Whining will never change anything. The people constantly whine and bitch about gas prices, but they keep going up. True, they do creep back down a bit, then after the complaining stops, they go back up higher than before. The only thing that will affect change is action. Action is what the ANP engages in, not whining.

Hail Victory!
Dan 88!

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