Thursday, June 16, 2011

We've Yet to Witness the Fed's Greatest Failure

June 15, 2011

With the economic numbers getting worse and worse in the US, it's clear that the Fed's policies thus far have ended in abysmal failure. Indeed, I really can't see how anyone could have argued the US had experienced a recovery to begin with.

  • 15 million jobs have been lost since 2007.
  • Food stamp usage is up 57% since 2007.
  • Over one in five US mortgages is underwater.

Seeing as the Fed's policies were supposed to help US consumers (we all know their real purpose: Wall Street bonuses), I cannot see how the above numbers indicate success of any kind.

Indeed, the other effects of the Fed's moves have made an already difficult economic situation far, far worse by pushing the price of food and energy through the roof. Thus most in the US now find themselves facing stagflation in a big way.

However, the Fed is far too myopic in its belief system to possibly consider not printing more money. After all, from the end of QE 1 (April 2010) until the unveiling of QE lite (August 2010), the Fed continued to juice the market every month, particularly during options expiration weeks.

So the Fed will be juicing the system again at some point in the future. It's all the Fed knows how to do. And it's all the Fed has done since the Crisis began in 2007. Indeed, the Fed has completely and utterly failed to address ANY of the causes of the Financial Crisis.

Yet, for the Fed the failure to address any of the underlying causes of the Financial Crisis has been a great success story. After all, all it had to do was pump the financial system full of more money (increasing the amount of leverage) and push for the suspension of accounting standards (so the crap debt is still there, but no longer is visible).

So what do we have? A financial system where the underlying problems still exist and the Fed's simply pumped TRILLIONS into the banks, resulting in commodities soaring, the US Dollar tanking, and investors taking on even more leverage.

Since 2009, I've been warning that the Financial Crisis is not over and that the next round will be even worse than the first. THIS is the REAL problem every one should be preparing for... not just a minor correction in stocks or the end of QE 2. Because at some point, the Fed WILL lose control of the system again. And this time it will be COMPLETELY powerless to re-instill confidence (the Fed's already spent all of its bullets during Round One).


Now comrades, when the Federal Reserve keeps printing millions and millions of dollars, it cause what? If you said inflation, you get a gold star (better hang on to it, you may need it to buy groceries soon enough). That's their answer to our money problems: Just print more of it - even though it's illegal for them to do so. The constitution plainly says that only Congress shall have this power. It says nothing about contracting it out to a private corporation, which is what the Fed is - a private corporation, NOT a branch of the government.

If the Fed keeps this kind of nonsense up, eventually it will take a wheelbarrow full of cash just to buy a loaf of bread. Far-fetched? Not at all. It's happened before. It happened in the Wiemar Republic. It happened right here in the United States. That was the problem during the Great Depression. Our money was virtually worthless, and we're heading that way once again.

It all makes sense if you realise that money is nothing more than a piece of paper. It costs exactly the same amount to print a one dollar bill, as it does to print a one hundred dollar bill. Money is only of value because one, it is backed by the government as legal tender, and two, because it is limited in amount. Consider this: Why is gold worth so much? After all, it's only metal, just like iron, or aluminum. What makes it so valuable? Because everyone wants it? Why does everyone want it? Because it's so valuable, and it's so valuable because the amount available is finite. If someone struck gold tomorrow, and it was a major strike, bringing up hundreds of pounds, then the price would drop because it wouldn't be quite as rare. The rarer something is, the more valuable it is. The more there is, the less its value. It's the same with currency.

In Zimbabwe, they print money freely. It's so worthless, you could use it for toilet paper. Make no mistake, if the Fed keeps this up, we'll be in the same boat. I doubt things will get that bad, but you never can tell. And even if they don't let things get that bad, as bad as things are, just how much farther will they let things go? We may not have all that long to wait.

The ANP has an excellent booklet about the Federal Reserve system. It covers its history, how it works, and just how technically ILLEGAL the whole system is. It covers too much to post here, but if you email HQ, I'm sure for a small donation they'd be happy to send you one. I'd send for one. It's a real eye opener.

Comrades, the ANP is the best solution to this ever increasing problem. There are some groups who waste their time on useless protests and demonstrations that fall on deaf ears, and provide great ratings for the Jews Media. Other groups are waiting for the day when the White man will rise up, grab his gun, and take back his country. Please. The way the sheeple have been conditioned, do you really think there's a chance of that happening and us winning? Not bloody likely. Then there's other groups who just sit behind their computers doing cyber-activism. Well, that has its place, but it isn't enough. The ANP does BOTH. Plus we are now politically active.

I'd like to remind you that the Fuhrer tried a violent revolution. He got a prison sentence for his troubles. In the end, he succeeded through politics. That means elections. At first, the NSDAP lost. Then, little by little they started winning, until the time came when the Fuhrer was appointed Chancellor, and the NSDAP was the second largest party in Germany.

It can happen here too. But only if we ALL work together and do our parts. For example, spring isn't over for another five days. That means Spring Blitz is still going on. Let's get out that literature. I'll be making one last effort before summer begins. For security reasons, I won't say exactly when, but soon.

Even after spring, we should still get our regular amount of literature out. Talk to people, and I don't mean beer talk in bars. People love to sound off when they've had a few, but rarely follow through when they sober up. Keep trying to recruit. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. But remember everyone, never trust a stranger with sensitive information, like names of other Supporters. Let them send in their applications and pledges, do a little work for us, then we'll see how much they can be trusted. Trust is earned, never given. For example, when I returned to the ANP, I'm sure there were eyes on me until they felt I could be trusted. Under the circumstances, it was a sensible precaution.

But anyway, even though people like to have fun in the summer, we still have keep up our work. That especially goes for those of you who live in climates with a much harsher winter. A lot of the time you can't get out to do your activism because of the weather. Now that it has warmed up (an understatement for you Eastern Comrades with the current heat wave you're going through), we must get to work. Not that there isn't time to play, but we must make time for our work as well.

Proper management of our time will leave us plenty of room for our jobs, activism, AND some summer fun.

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