Monday, June 6, 2011

ANP News And Updates

On Saturday, June 4, the ANP had it's first successful Illinois conference. Everything went off without a hitch, and there was NO TROUBLE. Good job Comrade T.A.! They actually had a few more people attend than we did here in California.

Speaking of California, we have five new prospective supporters out here. Three of them thanks to current California Supporters, two thanks to Chairman Suhayda. Now they aren't supporters yet, but have expressed interest in the ANP. Actually, I think they are wise not to jump into things. I jumped into things without proper consideration twice, and twice it ended up a disaster. No one should make such a big decision without proper thought on the matter. What is it they say? Fools jump in where wise men fear to tread.

This month I will be meeting with an important Party comrade from back East. The exact day, and his name are classified for security reasons. It will be more of a meet and greet between West Coast and East Coast comrades. Any time that Party comrades from different parts of the country can get together is a good thing. Let's be realistic. The East and West Coast have not got all of the same problems. Since he has never been to California before, I'm sure things will be an eye opener for him. If he thinks they have a Mexican problem on the East Coast, he ain't seen nothing yet!

Three years ago, the first time I was a Supporter, my biggest complaint was I didn't feel the ANP was moving fast enough. Things have changed a lot in three years. Just this year alone we have had conferences in California, Michigan, and Illinois. Next month is Laurens, which I'm looking forward to most eagerly. Well, the conference, not the drive. The drive will be miserable, I can tell you that, even though I'll have two comrades with me. It will be 36 - 38 hours with stops for food, gas, and restrooms only. However, on the way back, we'll probably visit the Grand Canyon. I'll tell you all about that when we get back.

Also, California will definitely be meeting again in the Fall. Exact time will be decided before the end of August.

Comrades, the ANP is really on the move. Hits on our website are up nearly 50%. We've added new Supporters, and we've had quite a few requests for info packs. Things are really happening,
and next year, we may have several people running for office. I'm sure most of these candidates will be running under the radar, but they will be running. No other NS organisation can boast of such accomplishments in one year. If you haven't sent in that application yet, then do so. This is the right place to be. Hail Victory!

BTW, I apologise for the disgusting content of yesterday's post, however it's something I really felt should be made known. Did you notice that the mainstream media said absolutely NOTHING about it? If the local Boston media said anything, I'm sure it was sugar-coated. Anyone surprised?

Dan 88!

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