Saturday, June 4, 2011


This was really quite a savory moment for Rosemary Jenks, your NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations.

By voice vote and after colorful descriptions by the sponsor, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), the House approved by voice vote two amendments that would:

  • set aside $1 million for the Border Patrol to use to eliminate the Mexican drug cartels' look-out posts along the border.

  • set aside $1 million for hiring additional Shadow Wolves, the extraordinarily and uniquely talented Native Americans who track illegal aliens and foreign para-military along the Mexican border.
Over several years, Rosemary has taken Congressman King and other Members of Congress to the border to show them the outrageous "Spotter Nests" atop scores of desert hills and mountains in Arizona that are used by the Mexican drug cartels.

Rosemary has led these "tours" in climbing to the nests in the blazing summer sun and occasionally in dramatic helicopter hoverings that get to the nests more easily but less safely. They often didn't know until they were near the nests whether the well-armed spotters were absent. Of course from their vantage point, the spotters had plenty of time to leave once they saw the delegation approaching.

The "Spotters" use the nests to watch all movements by our Border Patrol and then radio to smugglers of drugs and people where to avoid and where to hide based on the location of the Border Patrol.

The Native American Shadow Wolves have played a key role in our understanding of the problem of the Spotter Nests and other issues along the border. On-the-ground federal personnel in Arizona have also confirmed the nest locations (off the record, of course). They have told us that higher-ups will not authorize eliminating the Spotter Nests.

We always thought government officials and the news media would find it outrageous that foreign criminal agents are occupying U.S. territory so cavalierly with little challenge.

We were wrong.

A number of Congressmen have tried to get first the Bush Administration and then the Obama Administration to take out these Spotter Nests. But for unexplained reasons, both Administrations have preferred not to challenge the drug cartels.

Rosemary (with me in hand at times) has tried to "sell" this story over the years to many news media outlets, including NBC and Fox. This story is ready-made for dramatic TV investigative reporting. But again NOTHING. We suspect that the government in each case has scared reporters off the story by denying the existence of the Spotters.

Nobody has pursued this strange situation of sovereignty infringement like Rep. King. His amendment is one more effort to push the feds into either doing something about the Spotters Nests or taking Congress into its confidence as to why our government is willing to have drug cartels greatly improve their ability to move illegal aliens (and drugs) past our Border Patrol on a daily basis.


Interesting bit of information comrades. If the government ISN'T trying to hide anything from the people, why aren't these spotter's nests more widely known about?

I can only think of two reasons. The first is because the government was afraid that if the Border Patrol ever did open fire on a spotter's nest, it could cause an international incident. Personally, I think this is highly unlikely. In recent years, smugglers of people and drugs have outright opened fire on Border Patrol agents both on Mexican and American soil. There's even been one documented case where Mexican Federales fired across the border at our agents. The Mexicans themselves have caused many "international incidents", so I doubt fear of us causing one is the reason Border Patrol was not supposed to fire on these criminals.

The other, and more likely reason is that the government does not want to stop the flow of illegal aliens. As we know, they are a source of cheap, expendable labour. ZOG's Judeo-Capitalist masters would not be very happy if their slave-labour force were cut off.

As to drug smuggling, let me just ask this. If the War On Drugs were won tomorrow, how many government employees and appointees would be out of work? How many drug rehab centres would close? The wealthy know many ways to profit from human misery. There are those who do not traffick in drugs, yet make a fortune from it. How much money would the pharmaceutical companies lose? How much does a prescription of methadone cost?

Comrades, until we put the value of human life above the value of the dollar, poverty, want, and suffering will never end.

"The cause of suffering is want." - Siddharta Ghatama (The Buddha).

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