Sunday, November 21, 2010

The American Dream

The American Dream has always been to own your own home. However, thanks to the Judeo-Capitalist banking system, that dream has become a nightmare. However, with the proper knowledge, you can reduce that nightmare to a minimum.

First of all, do the banks want you to default on your mortgage? Well, yes and no. Yes they want you to default so they can foreclose and take your house, but they don't want to do it for several years. When they foreclose, you lose all your equity (the amount you have paid-off). Most people have a 30 year mortgage. If you paid ten years worth, that's one third, and then fall on hard times due to say a layoff, they have all your money, plus a house they can resell at full value. You must pay a minimum amount before it pays them to foreclose. How long do you suppose that is? At least five years.

One of the things that caused the bottom to drop out of the real estate market back in 2008 was the "adjustable rate mortgage." The banks would offer consumers a mortgage rate with lower interest and monthly payments - for a certain period of time, which was five years. Its sort of like how the cable TV companies offer low rates to new customers for one year on a two year contract. After the first year, your rates go way up and you have to pay, because you have a contract. Same with these mortgages, except that it goes up after five years, rather than one.

If you think about it, it may sound like a good deal, but only if you know you can make the payments when the rates readjust in five years. The problem with this is mainly the consumers. They buy a house with a rate they can afford now, but not in five years. They figure that in five years they'll be making a lot more money than today. They count on raises, promotions, or getting a better job. They basically gamble that they'll be doing better in five years than today. What are the stakes for you? Your house. If you guess wrong about your future earnings, you lose everything. The banks NEVER lose. If you can make your payments when the rates readjust, the banks get their money. If you can't, they get your house and keep the fives years of payments you paid them.

Let me ask you all this. Would you make a large wager with money you don't have and can't get? I have a friend who will bet on anything. He'll bet on the weather, how you're feeling, just about anything. Now this may shock you, but when a crazy guy like that bets, sometimes he bets more than he has. Now when he wins, that's OK. But when he loses - well, you get my meaning. If you buy a house and can pay now, but not in five years, you are gambling with money you don't have. Can any of us be certain we'll be doing better in five years than today? In these uncertain times, definitely not. But even when times were financially good, you still can't be certain. You are still gambling that you'll be making more money in five years than today, and that is a tragic mistake. Companies lay off, downsize, and outsource jobs. You never know. When getting such a mortgage, if you can make the payments now, but not when the rates readjust, then you cannot afford this house. Don't gamble with your family's future. For you, it is a break even/lose situation. But for the banks, it is a break even/win situation.

A National Socialist government would provide the people with affordable, decent homes, with interest free mortgages. The consumer would only pay for the paperwork costs, and no hidden or junk fees. How could it do this? Easy. Unlike the banks, whose sole purpose is to take as much of your money as it can, the government would only charge for the cost of the loan. NO PROFITS! National Socialism works for the benefit of its people. IT NEVER EXPLOITS THEM.

The American Nazi Party is the best chance to achieve such a government. We have a plan, and good people. We have even had people running for office. Truthfully, they didn't win. But it was only the first election. Remember, when Hitler ran for president, he lost to Hindenburg. The first step towards success is running. We've taken that step. We'll keep going, and eventually, we'll succeed. Be apart of this. If you are not already an ANP Supporter, become one now!

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