Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Communism Doesn't Work

What is Communism? Simplistically put, it's basically a forced sharing of the wealth. Those who have, are forced to share with those who haven't. If you're poor, it sounds like a good deal, doesn't it? For the non-working poor, it's a great deal, but for the working poor and middle class, it really stinks. And over the long haul, it simply cannot work. Why? Because of human nature.

It is human nature to seek the path of least resistance. For example, if you have to walk one mile to get to your destination, and you have two paths, one is uphill all the way, and the other is downhill all the way, most people will choose the downhill path. It's the easiest. Why walk uphill when you can walk downhill? Which sounds easier: Working for $1900 a month, or getting $1700 a month in government benefits? For just $200 a month less, you don't have to do anything. What would the average person choose? The problem is, as more people "get in the system" and stop working, others see this and say, "Gee, maybe I should play the system too. Why should I work while they don't?" As more and more people get on benefits, there are fewer people working and paying into the system, which eventually makes it impossible for the government to sustain itself. That's exactly what's happening in America right now. It's gotten so bad, that total collapse is immenent, and unavoidable unless we make a drastic change and RIGHT NOW!

A few days ago, the newspapers ran one of the best pieces of "A Slice Of Rye" ever. I don't have a copy so I'll just paraphrase. It seems there was a college professor who said that once he failed an entire class. His students insisted that communism could work if it was just given a fair chance. This conservative professor (which is a rarety in higher education) decided to teach them why communism can't work over the long haul. The next test he gave, it seems that everyone of them got B. He told his students that since communism is basically a forced sharing of wealth, he would demonstrate his point by forced sharing of grades. He averaged the scores of the entire class, which came out to be a B, and everyone got Bs. The students who didn't study much were of course delighted. The ones who studied hard were angry that the ones who didn't apply themselves very hard got good grades because these students were benefitting from the hard work of others. As the semester went on, the average scores for each test got lower and lower. It seems that the hard working students didn't appreciate having to carry the lazier ones. By the end of the semester, everyone was failing.

To add insult to injury, the lazier students actually blamed the students who were originally hard working for their failure. The lazy students felt that they had every right to benefit from the hard work of others, yet should not be required to work themselves. Sound familiar? This is going on in America right now. Those who don't want to work feel they have a right to benefit from those who do. As a result, more and more of those who do work are getting tired of having to work, while others live off of their sweat, and figure, "If they don't have to work, then neither should I."

Communism gives no incentive for people to work, if they know the government will carry them. A country cannot sustain itself indefinitely this way. That's why the Soviet Union fell apart. That's why Red China is now moving away from communism, and towards capitalism, which is just as bad. By embracing the Judeo-Capitalist system, they are giving the illusion of prosperity to their people, but in the end, they will end up in the same sorry state as the United States. The Chinese have simply traded one corrupt system for another. All this will achieve is a postponment of the inevitable. Since the United States is their number one customer, what do you think will happen to their economy when we reach the point of total collapse? They will lose their main source of income, and since they have invested, borrowed, and leveraged themselves to fund their new capitalist ventures, they too will find themselves totally screwed.

Communism and capitalism are both systems designed by Jews. They are two sides of the same corrupt coin. We need a new coin. That coin is 21st Century National Socialism. Through National Socialism, we can develop an economy independent of the international banking cartels. We can develop a public employment program which can turn our near bankrupt economy into the strongest in the world. This is not idealistic dreaming. Such a thing has already successfully happened once before. National Socialism turned a bankrupt Germany, stripped of all overseas colonies and crippled by war-reparations into the strongest economy in Europe in just four years. That was why it was so essential to the banking community that Hitler and his National Socialist government be destroyed at any cost. It of course was, and once again the control of Germany and Europe was returned to the control of the Rothschilds and other banking cartels.

Since 1945, the banking cartels have sunk their claws even deeper into the flesh of the working class, and since the 1960's, the White working class in particular. For example, the Rothschild banking cartel controls two thirds of the wealth of the entire world!

Since this post is starting to get too long, I'll stop here. In my next post, I'll give you some information I read about some American banking institutions that just infuriated me. To make matters even more galling, most of the things I'll be telling you about are 100% LEGAL!


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