Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Offense!

Because my last post was so late, and can be of great value, I'm delaying my next post. Many people tend not to scroll down the page very far, and I want to make certain that everyone sees the ones on banking, and getting out of debt.


  1. A good article about getting out of debt. Anything that brings knowledge to White people is of great benefit in this struggle. White people should be bleeding the System and not feeding it!

  2. Now WHAT other "racialist organization" brings White people important info like THIS? Naw, its always "niggers/kikes/queers..." etc, et al. ONLY the ANP cares enough to lead the way OUT of INTEREST SLAVERY! Good job Comrade Dan! ROCK 88!

  3. Wow, 6:00pm had a lot to contribute... Anyways good articles. Bowles put up new posts on his blog that go along the same lines. What I would like to know is how NS Germany dealt with the issues of "debt" and "credit" for the common man.