Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Got Screwed!

First of all, I must apologise comrades. I promised to explain how you can get out of credit card debt and legally screw the banks that have been screwing us for years.
You will get that article but it will have to be later in the day.

Earlier, I was trying to download some graphics for a recruitment video I have in mind, when suddenly, a notice comes up saying I have downloaded something malicious. Then, miraculously, another notice appears saying if I click on the box, I can download free software to fix the problem. Yeah right! Well, everything is messed up so what else could I do? I download this free software. I run the program. Then it tells me the problem is too severe for the free version. I'll of course have to purchase the full version. I don't even have the option of saying no. I can't get off that page unless I click the purchase button.

They mess up my computer on purpose, and I'm supposed to pay them to fix it. NO BLOODY WAY! Comrades, this is a perfect example of Judeo-Capitalist greed. I won't do it!

I tried everything I could think of, like system restore. Nothing. All I could do was wipe my computer and reinstall windows. That worked fine. The problem is, I lost everything that I hadn't backed up, including the article. Fortunately, I had put all my reference material and notes on my cruzer, so that's alright. All I have to do is rewrite the article. That's going to take at least an hour and it's almost 1:30 AM. Since tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have to work, I'll do it in the morning. I'll try and have it posted by 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Hey, I like to sleep in on Saturday. Don't you?


  1. Thats happened to me before. You did the same thing I did. Those thieves can go f*#k themselves.

  2. Look for a Malwarebytes program in Google and download it. It's a free program. Once Malwarebytes is installed, if you ever have your PC taken over by a virus - immediately shut down, restart and run Malwarebytes. It will automatically quarantine the malicious program/virus that took over your PC. Then you can delete them.

    NEVER fall for the BS they try to get you to do - like going to their site and downloading, or paying for anything that would supposedly fix your PC, etc. That is a total scam, all it does is infect your PC with more viruses. Any program that forces you to do anything is a trap. Don't fall for it.

    Malwarebytes worked great for me, highly recommended. If you download a virus by mistake, this will fix it.