Friday, November 12, 2010

Judeo-Capitalist Banking In 21st Century America

I'm sure most of you have received invitations to take out a credit card in the mail. Most of them say right on the envelope, "You're Pre-Approved!" BTW, if I'm pre-approved, how come when I responded to some of them, I was declined? Doesn't pre-approved mean you're already approved? Well, to you and me that's what it means, but to the banks, it must mean that we've been approved to apply, not approved to get a credit card.

The banks spend a fortune every year and send out four billion of these invitations. You read that right, four billion. I hope you have the good sense to throw them away. I've been caught in the credit trap before, and I won't ever again. Right now I have one card for emergencies. As of yesterday, the balance is $0.00. If I have to use it, I pay it off ASAP. Making minimum payments is what they want you to do. It keeps your balance high, and you owing them month after month. It literally makes you a debt slave. Credit is a trap, plain and simple. Sometimes we need credit like when we take out a mortgage to buy a house, or a loan to buy a new car. That's not quite the same thing. If you can't pay, they foreclose on your house or repossess your car and and then you're free of them. BTW, if you have a car repossessed, and they tell you they sold it at auction for less than the loan, and you owe the balance, don't believe it. THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. When they repossess a car, you are free of the debt unless you agree to pay the balance. When they call you to tell you you owe a balance after repossession, the moment you agree to pay, you are screwed. Asking if you can make payments is the same as agreeing. Remember, they record these calls, so they'll have you on tape. So if your car is repossessed and they call you to tell you that you still owe something, tell them you refuse to pay. If they threaten to mess up your credit rating, you have the right to sue them for harrassment. Personally, I don't trust the courts, but as long as they know you are fully aware of your rights, they usually will back down. It's when they think you don't know anything, that they get aggressive with you. Always bear in mind that collection agencies are not your friend no matter how friendly and pleasant they seem. All they care about is getting you to pay them money, whether you legally have to or not.

What I'm telling you to avoid like the plague is unsecured debt, like credit cards. You can find yourself drowning in debt before you know it, which is exactly what the banks want. Banks are making billions of dollars every year by ripping off honest White workers every year. Not just Whites either. The only colour banks can see is green. Every type of lending institution from big banks to payday loans are designed to screw us out of our money.

Over the last 30 years, the consumer lending industry has spiralled out of control. Who is responsible? Mainly the federal government. They helped to create the monster called Tyrannosaurus Debt. The American credit card industry alone makes an obscene profit of $30 billion every year, and they still want more!

Debt is epidemic in this country, and the goverment and big business are in this together. It began with the annual percentage rate (APR), then usury interest at exorbitant rates. Now we have fees on top of fees. There's the late fee, the over-the-limit-fee, the credit limit increase fee, paper billing fee, and any fee they can think of to stick you with. Now with interest, there are legal limits. Right now, there are few, if any limits on fees. They can charge you whatever they want, fee-wise, and it's 100% LEGAL.

This current practice of fees on top of fees is specifically designed to keep you in debt for life. Once-upon-a-time, crediters sent people to debter's prison for non-payment. Today, that's the last thing they want. It's very simple: You work, you pay, you sit in prison, you don't pay. There is another term for this: Indentured servitude. We work to pay off debts. The problem is that the system is geared so that it is very difficult to pay off these debts what with interest and endless usury fees.

Way back in the day, Judeo-Capitalist corporations in isolated areas had what is called "The Company Store." Especially before the invention of the car, most of the workers had no way of travelling five, ten, or more miles to a regular store. They had to buy food and other living neccessities at the company store. The company had it all worked out. The prices at these stores were so exorbitant, that you couldn't support yourself. So they'd extend you credit with an obscene interest rate. Also, it was illegal to quit your job if you owed the company store money. But if you couldn't support yourself and your family before they extended you credit, how were you supposed to do it and make payments on your loan? You couldn't, as simple as that. You were literally a slave to that company.

A century or more later, little has changed. How many of you are terrified of losing your job because of all of your debt? I don't mean paying your rent or mortgage. Ever since we left the cave, there's almost always been rent or mortgages. I'm not even talking about groceries or utilities. Those are payments for goods and services. I'm talking primarily about credit card debt. Most Americans are scared to death of being unable to make the payment. Many of you are terrified of being eaten by Tyrannosaurus Debt. Well let me tell you comrades, you're being eaten by that greedy beast even if you're making your payments.

How can you legally get out of debt? I'll give you some legal answers tomorrow. But I'll tell you this right now. One of those methods is the ANP and 21st Century National Socialism.


  1. Fantastic article. You should keep this up for a few days.

  2. -------------------------------------November 12, 2010 at 3:57 PM

    Tomorrow will be even better because I'll explain how to get out of unsecured debt fairly easily. Consider this now: As long as the method used is legal, you are not cheating the bank. THEY HAVE BEEN CHEATING US ALL ALONG!