Saturday, April 30, 2011

The REAL Enemy

Comrades, in regards to yesterday's post, today I'd like to talk about the REAL enemy of the White Working class. The names listed yesterday, they are the REAL enemy. The big time Jewish bankers and financiers, their Gentile Judeo-Capitalist allies, and their political puppets, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

The Jews who run the local deli or dry cleaners are not our enemy. I don't particularly like or trust them either, but I've found for the most part that all they really want is to make a living and get along with everyone. It's the Bernankes, the Gates, the Rockafellers, et al that we have to worry about. They are the ones sucking the blood of the workers. Their traitorous non-Jewish allies like Obama, Biden, and all the other corrupt politicians and non-Jewish businessmen. As a matter of fact, if you check the names of all the bankers, financiers, big business men, and politicians, both elected and appointed, you will find that the majority of them are non-Jewish, which actually is even worse. These greedy SOBs are traitors to their own people, and are often hard to see for what they really are. On the other hand, a Jew can't help being born a Jew, and they are usually (but not always) easy to spot. Personally, I never hold a man accountable for his race, any more than I would allow them to hold me responsible for mine. A person, any person is responsible for his own actions, and no one else, and that is what I hold people accountable for.

So the next time you or someone you know is thinking about going down to Temple Beth Whatever and painting a few Swastikas, remember that aside from that being a criminal action which the ANP strongly opposes, the chances are that the majority of those Jews are just average Joes - I mean average Shmoes, just trying to get along without offending anyone.

From now on, concentrate on the real enemy, and not some poor schlameel who just happens to be of the same race.

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