Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, another Judeo-Capitalist farce has come and gone. I'm talking about all the 9/11 memorials held over the last three days. What a joke.

I'm sure there are those who feel that was a heartless statement. I'll explain. Let's start with the firefighters. It's a dangerous job. They know that when they applied. How many firefighters are killed every year in ordinary fires and do not receive such memorials as 9/11? Is a firefighter who gives his life to save 20 people less heroic than one who gives his life to save 200? I say no.

The World Trade Centre was the heart of the Global Judeo-Capitalist economy. I have no sympathy for any wealthy investor, speculator, or big businessman that was killed that day. If they weren't so greedy to make as much money as possible, they would not have even been there that day. I consider the wealthy elite to be the enemy of the White Working class. Now I don't wish any of them dead, but I will not mourn them either.

Now there were many regular employees that were killed as well. I do have a little sympathy for them. However, they were working for the enemy. I won't say they deserved to die because they didn't, but as the old saying goes, " Swim with the sharks, sleep with the fishes." If you work for a mafioso, even if your job doesn't technically involve any illegal activities, such as chauffeur for the Don, and a rival mob places a car bomb in the limo, well, if he hadn't been working for a ganster, he wouldn't have been killed. Same principle, seeing as though all the big boys at the World Trade Centre were nothing more than legal organised criminals.

The ones I have real sympathy for were the passengers on the planes. I've flown before. It could have been me on one of those planes. That part was a tragedy and I do mourn for those victims. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it's not worth starting wars that killed thousands more on BOTH sides.

I also feel for the families of those who were simply "passing by" the towers, or in adjacent areas at that fateful moment. Like the plane passengers, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Very tragic. It could have happened to anyone who lived in or was visiting New York City that day. I've been to NYC twice. Again, it could have been me.

I can't help but wonder that if the terrorists were, say Taiwanese, if we would attack Taiwan in retribution? Taiwan is not an oil country. The United States has to keep the world safe for Big Oil, right?

It is a fact that Americans are sick of these Mid-Eastern wars. These memorial services served two purposes. Overtly, it was to memorialize those who were killed that day, which is fine. But covertly, the other purpose is refire America's patriotism and anger them so they'll support the war effort like they did in the beginning.

Let us also consider that the government tried to frighten Americans with talk of Al Quida "anniversary terrorist attacks" on more civilian targets in America. Fortunately, it turned out to be bullshit, as I was sure it was. Uh-oh! I just thought of something. If an attack comes today i, I'll sure look the fool. Well, I'm going to post this anyway, because I am that certain nothing will happen.

I'm not falling for the government's war propaganda campaign. I'm still against these useless wars. I still say we should bring our troops home and deploy them along the southern border. It makes absolutely no sense to fight terrorism in a foreign country, and not secure our borders back home. That's like a home owner sitting on his roof with a shotgun to protect his home, and all his doors and windows are unlocked. If you're at home and start to feel frightened, the first thing you do is lock your doors and windows, THEN you get your gun, not the other way around.
It's the same with our country. Secure the borders first, then, if absolutely necessary, then we can fight the enemy elsewhere.

In conclusion, I say again no one who was killed really deserved to die. It's just that I have sympathy for some, but not others. The firefighters were indeed heroes, but they knew the risks when they joined. And they were no more heroes than any other firefighter who died in the line of duty in less spectacular fires, explosions, or crashes. If the big businessmen who were killed had honest jobs, rather than trying to make money by manipulating other people's money, or investing in capitalist ventures, they wouldn't have died that day. The little employees who were killed were working for the enemy of the White Working class. If they weren't working for capitalist banksters, they wouldn't have been killed either. The plane passengers and bystanders were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The firefighters do indeed deserve our honouring them. The last two categories of victims deserve our sympathy. The rest, like I said, swim with the sharks, sleep with the fishes - and sharks have been know to turn on each other as well.

Okay, I've said some harsh things. Come and get me. Comments with obscenities and insults will not be published. You can disagree with me, but do it like adults, not like children.



    here's an article that you may find very interesting to read about how jews are the real culprits of 9/11.
    also jews and big business guys were sent emails and phone calls prior to the attacks warning them not to go to work on 9/11 so only regular people died that day, no jews.
    also the WTC was owned by a wealthy jew who took out a billion dollar insurance on the twin towers weeks before the attack...coincidence?

    anyway I think you should post this article on your blog.

  2. The foul mouths out there are actually cursing the anti American spirit presented here in your post.