Friday, September 30, 2011

You Have To See This

Comrades, this link will take you to a video that gives one of the best explanations as to how the Federal Reserve and other banks screw us. It's animated, and occasionally a little silly, but it's very accurate. I know for a fact it is. I wrote an article for the our monthly publication, "The White Worker" on this very subject. I spent several hours doing research, and my article tell EXACTLY the same story, although not as entertaining. The animation is a little rough, but better than "South Park".

I urge everyone NOT to say, "Aw, I don't want to be bothered watching no video." Just do it. It's 30 minutes long, so make sure you have enough time to watch it.

I don't really need to make a commentary because it says it all.

BTW, their real name, Rothschild, is mentioned only once, but the video frequently refers to the "Red Shield Banks." Red Shield is English for Rothschild. I'm sure most of you know the Rothschilds are Jews.

Please don't let the fact that it is narrated by a Black man throw you. The subject of the Federal Reserve is economic, not racial.

Comrade Raymond Bxxxxxxx brought this to my attention and I give him a HUGE thank you for it.

Dan 88!

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