Monday, September 12, 2011

When Do Teachers Go Too Far?

Last Friday, many schools held 9/11 memorials because 9/11 was on a Sunday this year. But can it be taken too far? How young is too young to discuss this sort of thing? Can teachers go too far with it?

I'm going to relate to you all a story one of my clients told me last Friday. First, I must point out that I only heard her side of the story, not the school's. As someone once said, "Truth is a three edged sword." That means there is your side, the other side, and the REAL truth.

Anyway, this client of mine takes care of her two granddaughters during the day because the mother has to work, and the father (her son) is in Afghanistan. Friday morning, the old lady gets a call from her granddaughter's pre-school, asking her to come pick the child up early. It seems her teacher was discussing 9/11 with her class of four and five-year olds. Her granddaughter, along with two other children became hysterical at one point and would not stop crying and had to be taken home. My client's four-year-old granddaughter was screaming for her father.

Even when the lady got the child home, she wouldn't stop crying. The lady decided to call her son in Afghanistan because the child was convinced that her daddy was dead. As soon as the child heard her father's voice, she stopped crying and settled down.

Can you imagine how the poor father felt stuck thousands of miles away in some hell-hole trying to calm his daughter by phone? Honestly, I can't, but it must have been hard on him.

Now, as I said earlier, I have no idea what the teacher said to her class, but it must have been pretty graphic to upset the children like that. I was told the entire class was visibly upset, even though only three became hysterical.

My point is, aren't they a little young for the hard, brutal facts of life? My God, let's allow our children some period of innocence! Okay, we can explain to them what 9/11 is all about, but we don't have to go into all the gory details. I mean, these are pre-schoolers. They're practically babies for Chrissake!

It seems to me that what we have here is a system attempt to start indoctrinating our children into supporting ZOG's useless wars, and making them paranoid about terrorism at the earliest age possible. And people have the gall to accuse National Socialists of brainwashing children.

I say let's give our children time to BE children. There's plenty of time to teach them about the many dangers in the world in a few years, when they are emotionally old enough to handle it. But to do that to pre-schoolers?! COME ON! In my opinion, this was a case of child abuse, plain and simple.

Dan 88!


  1. Dan, I do believe the NS children were brought up military style and were told to show bravery not weakness. I'm sure you watched the documentary on Hitler Youth about what was required of them. I think the children today can handle it because most have been or soon will be desensitized to violence. However, I do agree this is a bit young although learning about the genocide of the Jews is shown in school by third grade usually with very graphic pictures too. I remember back in 3rd grade I had to watch Anne Frank in the black and white classic version (yeah I'm freaking old ok) and I recall that I was too young to "get it" because I lost track with all that jibberish of her hopes, dreams and wondered just WHEN is this movie going to "GET SOMEWHERE" and when they show the Nazis creeping up the staircase wearing their boots that is where the cut and end the freaking movie! I also recall this family was very noisy for people trying to hide in an attic. I came home from school to ask my mother if this really happened. She of course was cooking (Dan's favorite thing yep!) She did not answer my question. She only said to me that we had some Germans in our family and turned her head back to cooking. It was time for Scooby Doo so me being as young as I was said screw the Jew (no offense).

    By 4th grade we learned more about the war showing Dora, Thor, 88mm and a ton of combat footage. This left me more petrified than the year before. So yeah Dan I think I would vote to wait on exposure to that harsh stuff.

    I think it's funny that I was always petrified of Nazi boots creeping up the staircase and now it doesn't bother me. I've seen a ton of real action footage and also have it memorized for my videos so that doesn't bother me either. But if you would have asked me back then when I was a child about the movie I would have said "when is this girl ever going to shut up" and in regard to the artilery I would have said "if you got something like I'd tell ya to save it and just come get whatever the heck you want from the country."

  2. -------------------------------------September 13, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    Do Nazi boots sound different from American or Russian boots?lol

    Anyway, I have to admit, I'm not an expert on very young children. My teaching credential is for middle and high school. But I do know that kids grow and age quickly the younger they are. A historical war movie that is inappropriate for pre-schoolers, may be very appropriate for third graders. At that young and age, three years is a long time.

    Remember when you were a small child and you didn't get something you wanted for Christmas, and your folks said, "Maybe next year." And you thought, "NEXT YEAR! THAT'S FOREVER!" Now, as we get older, time seems to pass more quickly every year. Before we know it, we'll be receiving social security (if it's still there), taking out our teeth, and complaining that today's kids are no damn good!

    Dan 88!

  3. Dan, you know darn well the Nazi boots had those hobnails in them and when they marched you could hear them a mile away. Yeah it's a dramatic effect on the psyche. Amplified effect! Please don't try to tap into my childhood fears because I can assure you I'm over it now. Besides I'm all grown up and I have 3 inch high heels!

  4. Life is like a vapor. Dan you need to go fetch one of those NS housewives to comment on the children part because neither you or I have this kind of expertise.

  5. -------------------------------------September 14, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    12:32 AM - Okay, American boots don't have hobnails, but I honestly thought Russian ones did.

    12:38 AM - I assume you mean because we're guys. True enough. That's why I would never outlaw abortion - even if I had the power to do so because I will never have to face having a baby. For myself, I don't believe in abortion, but for everyone else. I prefer to stay neutral on this because I'm a guy.

    Dan 88!

  6. No Dan, I meant because you wrote that you are responsible for only yourself and your cats. You also wrote that you teach middle to high school kids and that is your area of expertise, not small children. Perhaps I was a little bit short sighted there not to think that you may have been a parent at one time or you have relatives that have small children. You would have just as much input as anyone else so I do apologize for my oversight. I will just speak for myself and say that I never had that interaction with small children and would not want it either.

  7. Dan, my head leds to pro-choice but in the end my heart rules out to be pro-life. This is one time I have inner conflict on the subject matter. I really don't think babies of other races are cute and I'm sorry to say that really because it sounds so racist and bad. However, I think my race is beautiful and I love the diversity in features, hair color, eye color and the uniqueness.

  8. Dan, I sort of wish that you would rethink your position here on the abortion issue. It takes two to make a baby and preferably two to parent the child so your input is as valuable.

    It's this down with the Dad's rights and the horrible social services that puts women on pedestals and fathers as dead beats, just a lot of stuff where they pit them against each other instead of working as they should toward family reunification. This is why I would never work in family law. It's totally heartbreaking and corrupt. There is a social services reporting website that lists one horror story right behind the other. The topic you need to highlight is poverty mistaken for neglect and how the lighter skinned children and younger children are easily adoptable. The black market for children also needs to be addressed. Just a lot of stuff that you probably never thought about and men need to stand up and have their voice heard in some of these matters. There is a lot of feminist, lesbianism running those agencies. Just a lot of behind the scenes motivations that are wrong.

  9. Dan, it wasn't the type of boots but the part of the old classic film where they were creeping up the staircase about to find their hideout that was so creepy. I dislike the creepy stuff, the stalkers the spine tingling and just pefer for the kill to be quick if it were me.

  10. -------------------------------------September 15, 2011 at 9:33 PM

    11:39 PM - I have never had any children, despite the BS rumours that I do. Neither does my one brother (no sisters). All my cousins are in New England, Virginia, and Wisconsin, so I have very little experience with small children.

    11:41 PM - When it comes to abortion, I just hate the idea of forcing my belief in Pro-Life on any woman, simply because men don't get pregnant.

    Someone once said, "If men were the ones who got pregnant, the human race would become extinct."

    11:45 PM - It's just that the law is stacked against men presumably because we don't have the babies. Even if the couple is married, the woman has the final choice: Abortion, or have the baby.

    The only thing I'd fight is since I'm personally against abortion is if I got a woman pregnant, and she tried to force me to pay for half the cost of the abortion. On the one hand, it might be unfair that she should pay for everything, but on the other, if I pay half, I would be condoning it. I can't do that.

    11:53 PM - I love the creepy stuff. I'm a big horror movie fan. My favourite is "Night Of The Living Dead", 1990 remake.

    Dan 88!

  11. I agree with you Dan, it's not right to pay for something you feel is wrong. I really don't like to think about the abortion issue. It's one topic where I'd be pro-choice but then my heart speaks louder on this one and ultimately I would be pro-life so since I have this inner conflict with my head telling one thing and my heart another I've always thought it best to remain silent.