Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jew, Or Not Jew?

Apple said Wednesday that an iPhone application called "Jew or Not Jew" which drew criticism from anti-racism and Jewish groups has been removed from the App Store in France.

"This app violates local law and is no longer available on the App Store in France," Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr told AFP.

The application, which went on sale on August 9 and cost 0.79 euros, was denounced in France by SOS Racisme, Jewish groups and other organizations.

The app provided information about whether some 3,500 people from various walks of life in 50 countries were Jewish or not.

The creator of the application, Johann Levy, told AFP in Paris that he is Jewish and the app was not intended to be offensive.

On the contrary, he said, it was designed to "make Jews proud" when they find out that a "particular celebrity is also Jewish."

French laws enacted following World War II ban compiling information about religious affiliation without permission. Violators could face five years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros.


Jews and Non-Whites need to develop a thicker skin. As a half Irish-half German, I get a kick out of Irish jokes. On "Family Guy". Like when the Griffins went to Ireland and the plane landed at Shannon Airport through a sea of empty beer bottles, I laughed.

A truly evolved person has the ability to laugh at himself and his people. I'm not saying this makes Whites superior, but what I am saying to all Non-Whites is, "Lighten up! It's just for fun. No one meant any harm, and no one intended to be insensitive."

Ironically enough, the idea for this game came from Harvey Levin, the producer of the Hollywood gossip show, "TMZ" (Thirty Mile Zone). Harvey makes no secret of the fact that he is Jewish. In fact, Jew, or Not A Jew used to be a segment of "TMZ" every now and again.

I say to everybody: LIGHTEN UP!

Note - If anyone listened to ANP Radio last evening, they know I wasn't on the show. It seems that that "family responsibility" that kept me from posting ended up become a near family tragedy involving the hospital. I don't want to go into it any more as it's personal family business, but all appears to A-Okay, but we got one hell of a scare for awhile. Unless things take a turn for the worse (which could happen), I will be on next Saturday.

Dan 88!


  1. Well Dan whatever you are going thru, I'd glady trade you places right now. I am just that short of going insane over here. I got to find me a priest or something because I have demons in my house. I'm slowly becoming more oppressed and possessed. I can't believe it so I don't expect you to.

  2. -------------------------------------September 18, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    BTW, houses with ghosts are haunted. Houses with demons are infested. I think I read that in the foreword of "The Amityville Horror."

    Dan 88!

  3. Dan, my house has never been haunted or demonized before this special forces dude died in it. Since day one after he died the dog stood up on the edge of my bed and barked at a corner in my room. Then another friend who came to visit said he saw the ghost in another room and it spoke to him telepathically. So I got out the freaking camcorder and started my EVP investigations. I play it back and it's on the audio. This is no lie and the intensity is building and the EVP's are more harassing and threatening than ever before. So it appears that I have fight in this world and in the spirit world too. I seem to have my hands full wouldn't ya think!

  4. You know in a way this article about Jew or not Jew makes me sick. I think of the countless hours that white people spend counting Jews. What a waste for a white to be so up the Jew ass to even care what they do. You talk about whites banning together to look out for our own interests and somehow I think if they really did that it would take up so much of their time to be productive in their own lives they would not have the time of day to piss away on a Jew.

  5. -------------------------------------September 19, 2011 at 10:59 PM

    1:58 - I think if you want to avoid civil unrest when the collapse comes, you darn well better invite me for a visit. It seems all the unusual stuff happens when you're around, but when I'm around, it's all boring routine!

    2:01 - True. Actually, the Jews over-estimate their importance in National Socialism. As long as a Jew goes about his business without screwing with anyone, and not hurting any of us, I couldn't care less. It's when they start making unfair money off of us, and screwing us over is when I object. I certainly don't want to live amongst them, but as long as they behave, I have nothing against them.

    Dan 88!