Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things That I Hate

Since we National Socialists are usually thought of as hateful, I thought I'd list some of the things I really do hate.

1.  I really hate it when I'm in the checkout line at the supermarket with one or two items, the express checkout is closed, the lady in front of me has a basket full of groceries, and when her total is wrung up, and the checker says, "That will be $101.37, please", and THEN she starts digging in her purse for the checkbook.  I guess it never occurred to her that she was going to have to pay for anything, or else she would already have had her checkbook out, the check filled out and signed in advance (except for the amount part).  Nooo!  She has to keep everyone waiting while she digs it out of that Twilight Zone she calls a purse.

2.  I really hate it when I approach an intersection with stop signs going say west, and there is someone already there heading say south, but has already made their stop.  Do they go immediately?  Nooo!  They sit there and wait until I make a complete stop, and then proceed, causing me an unnecessary delay.  That's called driving with a 200% safety factor.  Lord do I hate that so very much!

3.  I really hate it when my computer freezes up.  I feel like chucking it out the window sometimes.

4.  I really hate it when I go out to my truck in the morning to go to work and a tire is flat.  God!  I hate that so much!  If it has to be flat, why can't it happen when you're ready to go home in the evening?  True, you're tired and don't want to be bothered, but in the morning it usually makes you late for work.

5.  I really hate it when I have a first date with a woman, and when it comes time to pay my bill, the magnetic strip on the back of my debit card has been de-magnetized.  You try and tell her something is wrong with the card, but you know she thinks you're broke - especially when you ask her to loan you enough to pay the check until you can get to the bank.  Kiss that relationship goodbye!

6.  I really hate it when you realize your GF is mad at you, and when you ask why she says, "If you don't know, I'm certainly not going to tell you!"  Then you say, "Hey, I'm not a mind reader!"  To which she replies, still refusing to tell you what you did, "Just think about it."  GOD DO I HATE THAT MOST OF ALL!  Ladies, we really aren't mind readers and we don't want to think about it.  If we pissed you off, just tell us how, and we'll try and make it right.  I HATE IT WHEN YOU PLAY THOSE GAMES WITH US!

7.  I really hate it when I buy a new shirt and my pen leaks in the pocket the first time I wear it.

8.  I really hate it when I go into a bank on my lunch hour, and there are a dozen elderly people in line ahead of me.  That really pisses me off.  I mean I have one hour to eat lunch and get my banking done.  These people are retired.  They can go to the bank anytime.  They should be more considerate of those who still have to work.

9.  I really hate it when I meet a girl in a bar, offer to take her for a ride on my Harley, and we go out there together, and the damn thing won't start.  Now that's embarrassing.  

10.  I really hate it when there is an accident on the freeway/turnpike, but it's way off to the side, yet all the idiots ahead of me have to slow down to see if there's any blood.  MOVE IT YOU JERKS!

11.  I really hate it when some A-Hole is driving in the fast lane, then 1/4 of a mile before the offramp, he fights his way over, cutting everyone else off so he can make his exit.  Why didn't the idiot start getting over a mile or two earlier, instead of at the last minute?  MORONS!

12.  I really hate it when you have an appointment at the doctor's (or dentist, eye doctor, whatever) and you get there on time, yet you end up waiting for two hours.  Why do these medical jerks have to double and triple book?  Are they afraid that if they don't, they might end up with 15 minutes without a patient?  That would be terrible.  After all, they make about $200 an hour.  Fifteen minutes without a patient is a loss of $50.  That would be awful for the doctor, now wouldn't it?

Comrades, sometimes I get the idea that everyone in the world is an idiot except me.  Do you ever feel like that?

Well, we had some fun on the first day of September.  Tomorrow, we have to get serious again.

Dan  88!


  1. Dan, I don't think NS are hateful, perhaps misunderstood or neglectful on some matters but other than that, it's just political.

    I rarely see people with checkbooks these days. Some of the older generation still prefer checkbooks over debit cards and won't even use the ATM machine.

    If you magnetic strip on the back of the card won't work you can always call the number on the card and have them to approve the amount.

    If your computer is freezing up then you might want to degfag it, save some stuff on the flash drive or cd, even try a computer restoration to a time when your pc was running better. Run a virus scan, disconnect your pc from the modem or router to see if a hacker is in the midst, and if all else fails then you save everything and reset your computer back to original factory settings.

    You can buy a stick pen of oxyclean to remove the stain on the spot from the shirt or spray n wash stick pens.

    Just deposit your check and go by later to an ATM machine to get your cash. You also don't have to use your bank if it's busy there are other check cashing centers that will cash it or deposit it to your account which are faster and easier than a bank to get in and out of.

    Tell your GF that she can dwell on it while you forget about it.

    Have your cell phone handy and report any bad drivers to the state trooper, take down their license plate number.

    Nothing you can do about doctor's office appointments. It's why they call you the patient. They overbook sometimes but usually the doctor will get mad if they underbook so they are only protecting their job. It's the doctors who want to get their regular patients seen because they may be called away to emergency surgery and not want a flood of patients when they come back. The less you have to reschedule patients the more efficient a doctor's office is.

  2. Dan, your stress level is just up! You had a flat, can't get laid, can't get paid, driving amongst road rage, and having to wait.

  3. -------------------------------------September 2, 2011 at 10:28 PM

    C'mon people, this was a joke! It's all in fun. Lighten up! Sometimes you need to release stress by just getting downright silly.

    Dan 88!

  4. At least when I do my little rant on my group to destress I put a little bit of humor in it. Yours is not that funny and I fail to see any humor in it.

  5. Here you go Dan, some real humor straight from Kat's house, enjoy!

  6. -------------------------------------September 5, 2011 at 12:04 AM

    Gee, if you feel that way, maybe I should cancel my scheduled appearance on Comeday Central!

    Dan 88!

  7. lol i thought it was funny and somewhat true!

  8. -------------------------------------September 22, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    I was surprised that some people took this seriously, instead of as a joke.

    Dan 88!