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New Study Shows That Over 80% Of New Jobs In Texas Went To Immigrants

Thursday, September 22, 2011, 11:06 AM EDT

Gov. Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry

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New research by Dr. Steve Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies finds that 81% of the jobs created in Texas between the years 2007 and 2011 went to newly-arrived immigrants. Conclusions were based on an analysis of data from the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey.

The new research also finds that:

  • In terms of numbers, between the second quarter of 2007, right before the recession began, and the second quarter of 2011, total employment in Texas increased by 279,000. Of this, 225,000 jobs went to immigrants (legal and illegal) who arrived in the United States in 2007 or later.
  • Of newly arrived immigrants who took a job in Texas, 93 percent were not U.S. citizens. Thus government data show that more than three-fourths of net job growth in Texas were taken by newly arrived non-citizens (legal and illegal).
  • The large share of job growth that went to immigrants is surprising because the native-born accounted for 69 percent of the growth in Texas’ working-age population (16 to 65). Thus, even though natives made up most of the growth in potential workers, most of the job growth went to immigrants.
  • The share of working-age natives holding a job in Texas declined significantly, from 71 percent in 2007 to 67 percent in 2011. This decline is very similar to the decline for natives in the United States as a whole and is an indication that the situation for native-born workers in Texas is very similar to the overall situation in the country despite the state’s job growth.
  • Of newly arrived immigrants who took jobs in Texas since 2007, we estimate that 50 percent (113,000) were illegal immigrants. Thus, about 40 percent of all the job growth in Texas since 2007 went to newly arrived illegal immigrants and 40 percent went to newly arrived legal immigrants.
  • Immigrants took jobs across the educational distribution. More than one out three (97,000) of newly arrived immigrants who took a job had at least some college.
  • These numbers raise the question of whether it makes sense to continue the current high level of legal immigration and also whether to continue to tolerate illegal immigration.
The full report can be found at the Center for Immigration Studies' website.


Comrades, what this proves is we have to stop not only illegal immigration, but ALL immigration.

Now I understand that most immigrants just want a better life, but there aren't enough jobs for those us native born people and the immigrants who are already here. That's not just good old foreigner bashing talk. It's a fact. I, and all of you were born here. Why should we have to compete with immigrants for a job? Since when are their problems our problem? Add to that the fact that they drive wages down. They come from countries where workers make less in a day that the average American makes in an hour.

Here's a hypothetical situation. There's a particular job that pays typically $20 an hour. Someone immigrates here from a poor country legally. In his country, that same job might get him $15 a day. When he applies for the job here, they offer him say $12 an hour. He thinks that's fantastic pay, and gladly accepts it, whereas an American would think that's lousy pay, and would reject it, unless he was desperate. The employer wants to pay as little as possible, and the immigrant is qualified and willing to take 40% less than an American, so he gets the job, and the American is SOL, unless he too is willing to work for 40% less. Is that fair? No, but capitalism isn't supposed to be fair. Capitalism is business is business, and dog eat dog. That's reality in this world today.

There are those who point out that National Socialism has fewer freedoms than the current system. Well, maybe a few less. But most of the freedoms we THINK we have now are an illusion. We have freedom of speech? Hah ! Don't make me laugh. Okay, I can write what I write on this blog and haven't been arrested - yet. However, if I applied for a job and the employer Googled my name to see what came up, he would find this blog. Unless he was a National Socialist, I doubt I'd get the job. I would have lost out on a job because of my speech.

Is that freedom of speech? No it isn't. There are other ways than prison to deal with the politically incorrect. The best way is economic sanctions like being frozen out of employment.
Much better than prison. This way, the politically incorrect suffer and the state doesn't have to support them in prison at about $30,000 a year. Even if they qualify for SSI or welfare, it's way less than $30,000.

There have even been cases of people being evicted from their apartments for being politically incorrect.

Okay, we can say what we please here. But there are other consequences we might have to pay than prison. True freedom of speech means we can say what we please WITHOUT consequences.

What about freedom of the press? Ninety percent of the media, both written and broadcast are controlled by Jews. Most media outlets are incorporated, and the names of the CEOs and board of directors are public information. Check who runs the networks and major papers for yourselves if you don't believe me. BTW, a non-Jewish owner of the "Hickville Gazette", circulation 329 doesn't count. I'm talking about the big ones, not little papers of some one-horse-town.

Reporters are supposed to be impartial. But let's face it. NO ONE is impartial. Everyone has some sort of agenda.

The Jewish owners print or broadcast only that which THEY consider appropriate. If something doesn't fit their agenda, it doesn't get printed or broadcast. Or if it does, it's done in such a way as to MAKE it fit the agenda.

In National Socialist Germany, the people had more rights that our opponents would like you to believe. A few things they didn't have rights to were the right to be irresponsible, and the right to be an asshole. Pardon my language. I just couldn't think of another way to say it.

National Socialism does not tolerate that kind of behaviour. At this time, our society does. Is it any wonder that things are falling apart? Eventually, that sort of thing catches up with you.

National Socialism requires everyone to behave responsibly and sensibly at all times. Those who refuse to have no place in our society. HAIL VICTORY!

Dan 88!

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  1. Most Anti Hate activists are young people. Most young people have no sense of responsibility. They have an entitlement attitude. They think they have a right to anything regardless of whether or not they earned it.

    They seem to think life is fair - or at least that it should be. Maybe it should be fair, but in reality, it isn't. Get used to it. Life is not fair ad it never will be, and hate and racism have nothing to do with it.

    No matter what race we're talking about, the strong will ALWAYS take advantage of the weak. That's not fair. It's REALITY!