Sunday, September 25, 2011

ANP News And Reminders

My first item is extremely important.

Contrary to a rumour that someone has spread, neither I nor the ANP has been kicked off of Talkshoe. Due to Comrade Axl's work schedule, our next show will be today at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. Sorry for the short notice, but I did change the ad at the top of the page to reflect the new time a few days ago. This is not permanent. I'll let you know about next week's show as soon as I get the information.

Next, I'd like to announce that last week, California got two new supporters and contacts. Arizona got five! Nothing for Nevada. What's wrong Nevada? Can't you guys stay out of the casinos long enough to send in an application? Just kidding. I know that the majority of Nevada's gamblers are out-of-state people.

September is nearly over. If anyone didn't send in their pledge, don't be wondering why you didn't get your copy of "The White Worker". If you're having economic problems - and who isn't these days thanks to ZOG and their Judeo-Capitalist masters, then email or snail mail HQ and explain your problem. They're very understanding. It's the silence, more than anything that will get you cut off.

Some of you may have noticed that for awhile, I was receiving ten to 15 comments a day, and all of a sudden this has stopped. The reason for this is we had a troll. Some she would sign her name to, others she would not, and tried to make herself sound different so I would think she was more than one person. Thanks in part to ANP's Security Arm, I found out who she is, including her real name, not the false name she uses, where she lives, and all that good stuff. We have no plans of paying her a visit. She's either a crackpot, or an agent provocateur for the Feds.
If she's a crackpot, she's not worth bothering about. If she is a snitch, well, if you mess with a snitch, YOU are the one who will get in trouble. One of my superiors thinks she is a snitch. I don't. She's just a loser who spends most of her time alone on the computer, and likes to argue and cause trouble wherever she goes. When she wins, she feels like she's superior. These people are best ignored. I won't mention her again, except to say I will not post any comment that is from her, or that I suspect is from her. So if anyone makes a comment and it doesn't get published, that's the reason. I thought you were she.

Comrades, it's because of people like this I warn everyone never to say anything on an open forum that they wouldn't say to a judge or a cop. You just never know who will read it.

Finally, only three months to go until Christmas. The Christmas decorations are starting to go up on some store's shelves already. Get your shopping done early or you'll be sorry!

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