Sunday, September 25, 2011

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear...

Comrades, and others, I want to expand on something I said yesterday. If anyone in the future comes here to waste my time by asking pointless questions and trying to get me to defend myself and the ANP, then don't bother. Such comments will not even be published.

I know I said I like healthy debate here, but some people come here and deliberately try and waste my time. They question absolutely everything I say, call me on it, and even pretend to be more than one person so they can bog me down even further with dumb questions.

First of all, I work. Secondly, as a bachelor, I have to do everything around my house. Things like shopping, housework, yard work, fixing things, etc. If I don't do them, they don't get done. Then there's my ANP duties. Plus even I like to have some relaxation time, so I don't want to waste the free time I do have with idiots.

If you are truly interested in National Socialism and have a serious question about it, then I'll be happy to help you. If you're asking dumb questions to waste my time, or tying to "trip me up", or getting me to defend myself or the ANP, then don't bother, because I'll just delete your comment. I don't have to defend my actions to anybody.

Well, enough said about that.

The ANP Radio Show (we need to think of a catchy name for the show) went extremely well. We had several people call in. One of them was a first timer. It was Comrade JT Bowles, our SA Political Adviser. For those who have read his blog, and wondered what it would be like to actually speak with him, you missed your chance. Hopefully he'll call in again next week.

Also Chairman Suhayda called in and gave us a wonderful talk. One of the things we talked about was the government's relatively new policy of privatizing social programs. For example, here in California, Medi-Cal's prescription drug program has already been privatized. Is this bad? Damn right it is. When it was run by the state, no one was trying to make a profit. But private companies are.

Seven years ago, I was flat on back for a year with Guillane-Barre Syndrome. I'm not going to explain what that it is, just that it is very serious and you can die from it. Go here for details: Some of the symptoms are quite gruesome. Anyway, as a result I lost my teaching job, which I felt was my signal to leave the profession. As a result, I was on Medi-Cal for a year. After months in the hospital and months of in home treatment and therapy, my entire bill came to about $30.00. That's thirty dollars, not three thousand. All prescriptions were paid for by the state.

Now that it's privatized, all Medi-Cal patients have co-pays for all services, including prescriptions. They no longer provide dental or eye care. I guess they feel that the disabled don't need to see properly, and they can eat a lot of food that doesn't require teeth like oatmeal and mashed potatoes.

Services have been cut and co-pays added because these private companies are in this to make a profit, and this is the only way to do it: By screwing the disabled and low-income. To the leeches, I say, "Get your own insurance!" But what about the legitimately low-income and disabled? They're just plain SOL.

If your state has not yet begun the privatization of its social programs yet, it will eventually - you can count on it! It's not about helping those in need. It's all about $$$$$$$.

In a National Socialist state, the citizens could always count on the government being there in their time of need. Hitler had excellent social programs for his country. What isn't common knowledge is that some of the programs instituted by Hitler were copied in the United States by President FDR. His Works Progress Administration (WPA) is identical to a program started by Hitler two years earlier!

Another privatization program that was discussed was prisons. Many prisons all over the country are not run by the state, but by private companies. Think about that. When they put the prisoners to work, these companies are literally getting slave labour. Gee, I thought Lincoln outlawed that. It goes to show you how the government ignores the Constitution whenever it suits them.

I know what some are thinking right now. Didn't Hitler have forced labour camps? You betcha. But then again, Germany never had a law banning the use of forced labour. Not Imperial Germany, The Weimar Republic, nor National Socialist Germany. None had any laws forbidding forced labour. The United States does, yet it goes on any way. Also, none of Germany's labour camp were privately owned and operated.

Our current system equals lies, corruption, and hypocrisy. Mr. Obama, it's time for some REAL change.

So, if you missed the show, you can listen to a recording on our website. It will be up in a day or two. It might be up already. I haven't checked. Why should I? I was there and I know what we all said! HAIL VICTORY!

Dan 88!


  1. I agree. Don't waste your time with jerks. If this person isn't intentionally trying to be disruptive, I can't understand why they would keep doing it. They must be deliberately trying to make trouble.

  2. I don't agree with alot of what you say, but there is a big difference between discussing and argueing. My wife and I argue alot and sometimes I give in only because I get tired of it.

  3. -------------------------------------September 26, 2011 at 11:24 PM

    10:23 PM - Thanks. No more wasted time. Remember, everyone gets just so many days in life. Waste one, and you never get it back.

    11:08 PM - Well, you're free to disagree. And you're damn right I get tired of the arguing. I remember one evening when I checked the pending comments section and there were 18. I just slumped in my chair and thought, "Oh my God!" Because I knew that most of them were arguments. I just felt tired all over. A little discussion is good, a lot is exhausting!

    Dan 88!