Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whites No Longer Have Constitutional Protection

Obama's Double Standard on Hate Crimes: Illegal Anti-White Bias at Justice Dept.

, DC SCOTUS Examiner

The Obama Administration has a double standard on hate crimes. When the victim is black or Hispanic, they prosecute the alleged offender. When the victim is white, they don’t. This violates constitutional equal-protection guarantees, which forbid discrimination against whites, except for certain bona fide affirmative action programs in areas like employment and education.

As a former Justice Department civil-rights lawyer notes, the Criminal Section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division does nothing when the victim of a hate crime is white:

when the victims of racial violence are white, nothing happens.

When a mob of blacks savagely attacked random whites at the Wisconsin State Fair earlier this summer, the Section did nothing. When a similar riot occurred at the Iowa State Fair in August 2010 — where bands of black teens organized a “beat whitey night” — the Section once again did nothing. Last month, still another flash mob of blacks beating whites took place in Philadelphia, yet the Section did nothing. The same is true near Pittsburgh and in Ohio.

Just like the outrageous dismissal of the New Black Panther Party case, there is a pervasive hostility in this administration to bringing cases on behalf of white victims.

By contrast, if the victim is non-white — like an illegal alien from Mexico attacked in Pennsylvania — the Justice Department prosecutes; in the Pennsylvania case it obtained guilty verdicts in federal court against two white teenagers who had previously been found not guilty of hate crimes and most other charges in Pennsylvania state court. (The recently-broadened federal hate-crimes law will be used to re-prosecute in federal court people who have previously been found not guilty in state court, thus resulting in potentially unfair convictions, and circumventing constitutional safeguards against double jeopardy, as we explained at this link. Depending on how broadly it is construed, the federal hate-crimes law could also end up restricting free speech in cases of alleged incitement.)

The Obama Administration's racial double standard is itself the product of an increasingly politicized Justice Department, whose ideologically-driven hiring (and discrimination against moderate and conservative applicants in hiring) under Obama dwarfs any partisan hiring in the past.

The Obama Administration is ignoring a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Company (1976), which held that all races — including whites – are covered by the civil-rights laws and constitutional guarantees of equal protection. That ruling, which allowed white employees to challenge their race-based firing, was authored by the Supreme Court’s first black justice, Thurgood Marshall, who had earlier successfully argued the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education, which struck down school segregation in 1954. Civil rights laws forbid racial harassment and violence aimed at whites, even in settings where affirmative action is sometimes permitted, like the workplace. (For example, courts have ruled that employers are liable for racial harassment against whites, in cases like Bowen v. Missouri Department of Social Services (2002) and Huckabay v. Moore (1998)).

While there is a limited exception to equal protection for “affirmative action” that meets a “strict scrutiny” test, the courts have never applied such an exception to crimes or crime victims, and have declined to recognize such an exception outside contexts like employment, education, and contracting, as the Supreme Court illustrated in categorically rejecting racial eligibility requirements for voting in Rice v. Cayetano (2000). (Yet, in 2009, the Obama Justice Department acted as if it were displeased by the fact that white voters have voting rights.) Moreover, even affirmative action plans cannot systemically exclude whites, or otherwise “unduly trammel” their rights, as the courts noted in declaring illegal the firing of a white teacher based on her race in Taxman v. Board of Education of Township of Piscataway. Thus, the Obama Administration could not justify basing hate-crimes prosecutions on victims’ race on an “affirmative-action” rationale, even if affirmative action applied to criminal cases, which it does not.

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Comrades, WE have allowed this to happen. We didn't stop it in the beginning when it would have been easier. Now, it's an uphill battle. The answer is unity. We must confront our oppressors. We must do it as one group. Fractured and divided as we are now, when we confront them, they either laugh or jeer at us, or ignore us completely. But if we act as one, then they will HAVE to listen to us.

The ANP is the best place to start. We have experienced and/or educated leaders. We have a plan, and a good core of dedicated supporters. We need all quality people to stand with us. By quality I mean dedicated individuals, with a good deal of intelligence (not necessarily education, just intelligence) who are willing to give 110%. People, the time for indecision is past. Let's get involved. Send in that application and start working for the cause. BTW, lone wolves mean well, but what can they accomplish alone? A single wolf cannot bring down a bear, but a pack of wolves can.

To you liberals: WAKE UP! We are not being paranoid. It's the truth. The authorities treat White-on-Black violence as hate crimes, but Black-on-White are not. This is true 9 out of 10 times and you know it.

You think we can't win? I think we can. But even if we can't, those who only fight when they know they can win are cowards. The brave will fight even against overwhelming odds?

Remember, there is no way we can win and still "be nice" to the other races. Nice guys finish last. In our case, if we finish last, we will disappear from this Earth.

All men are not brothers. My brothers are the Aryan Race, and no others. I might begrudgingly consider the other races my cousins - distant cousins, but that's as far as I'll go. And in my own personal family, I owe more allegiance to my brother Ken, than any of my cousins. It's the same when we're talking racially as well.

Our true brothers come first. When all of them are fed, clothed, housed, and otherwise decently provided for, then, and only then should we help the other races.

Dan 88!


  1. Dan, I also wanted to add that I think most NS may be at odds over this because free speech would not exist in a NS environment. Remember Hitler did away with free press etc. So it would be embarassing almost to fight for rights and have a Nazi mindset... see what I mean. But on the otherhand, someone like me who does believe in free speech and ya know I'm different anyway could get on the soap box.

  2. Dan, I love articles like this btw, it really gets my juices going if you know what I mean! lol! Not that either!

    There are a lot of subtle ways to fight this type of thing. I'm sure someone out there is pulling the statistics and following cases closely cause you're going to need that data as your evidence.

    I think they laugh because they still assume that whitey is in charge and so it doesn't matter if they get a kick in the backside every now and then. I think that's the wrong mindset cause if you are going to set the rules then you must play by them. See the scheme is to direct it towards someone so people like SPLC can sue and tie anything little flunkie Nazi did to the big guy and then take away all your assets. Property gone to some negro and that makes Dee's day. Chalk one up for the underdog and that makes him pop up out of his chair, another notch to his belt. Pathetic!

  3. When they write that nothing happens... that is a little far fetched. Yeah sure maybe nothing happens most of the time but sometimes it does go to court and situations of reverse racism come to light. This is why I said many moons ago that you must get the freaking camcorder out and start documenting these things, go out and ask eye witnesses questions because the media won't report it if it's black on white crime. Then you have to spread it, bombard the avenues that you have facebook, youtube and I guess talkshoe since that's what you guys use a lot. Get the word out. There is a lot of pressure because the powers that be like to pit the races against each other. It's a diversion tatic to get you guys to spin your wheels with articles like this. You don't have to fight, because you got your rights and this Hate speech law crap is unconstitutional as hell!

    Sometimes it comes subtle like the time our local newspaper took out full page articles on blacks that were hung up in trees back in the booney days. They wrote all this crap about there was a disproportionate amount of blacks in jails. Yeah I wrote a letter, one heck of a letter to the newspaper editor and so did someone else who found the author of that book was misinformed on some of his excerpts printed in the paper. So that makes two that stood up in this town. The editor told me that I had a wicked way with words. Yep I sure do! I'll burn your ass in a minute when I am properly motivated. lol! Needless to say it was so unnecessary to print full page pictures of hate crimes that will only serve to reignite the flames of the black youth. Why not focus that full page on black business that have done something for the community eh? Like who there verified the facts in the book they were printing? Didn't get it right and so now go look at the police blog, who did the crime? Yeah so who does the time? Ok case closed.

  4. Dan, you hit on something about those who aren't willing to fight because they are afraid of losing what little bit they have. There are ways around that, something like a POA for one and I can think of lots of ways around safeguarding your shit. You just have to be more vocal otherwise they will run you over. If you stand up for yourself the non whites will at least respect that. I've told off a couple of pests a time or two also. They will try you at work just about anywhere to make it a racial issue when it's not. Things like that piss me the hell off. But anyway they come after your stuff I'd just like to say they can have my house it's got damn demons in it at the present, hell I'll open the front door for you, have a freaking open house party!

  5. Dan, my mother use to say to be nice but don't go out of your way. You give an inch they will take a mile because they think you owe them something. If you are overly nice they will get the wrong idea. You're talking about you can't be nice. I think it's better worded that whites will have to get some backbone and be firm moreso now than ever before.

  6. What is Rocky's education and experience? Is he even a high school graduate? No living Rockwell ANP Members aknowledge Rocky as legitimate.

  7. So I have a really naive question but I'll ask anyway. Has the ANP made any recent attempt to contact a TV network at any level for air time, on any kind of show? You'd think the prevailing media in their arrogance would like to show off their domination over a group like the ANP, and in their view get a good laugh out of it, especially if they thought ANP members would maybe show up in uniform or whatever.

  8. -------------------------------------September 19, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    1:35 AM - Whitey hasn't been in charge for quite sometime. Even when we had a White administration, they still had the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, AL Sharpton et al breathing down their backs, always playing the race card to get what they wanted whether it was fair to all or not. All they cared about was looking after the interests of their own people. They could care less about us.

    1:45 - That's exactly what I meant when I said that we can't be certain how accurate any so-called Nazi documents about the Holocaust are. The people who presented those documents had an agenda. They presented only what advanced that agenda, and omitted that which did not. Many documents may have had portions omitted that if they had been presented, would cast a different meaning on what was presented.


    2:04 AM - You said it!

    9:15 AM - Chairman Suyhayda is a high school graduate. He has been working with the ANP since 1967.

    I understand that some members of the original ANP say that the new ANP has nothing to do with the old one.

    But that depends upon your point of view. The ANP shut down for awhile. Enough years passed so that no one had a legal right to the name American Nazi Party. It was up for grabs, so to speak. Like after a certain amount of years (twenty, I think), anyone can remake a movie without the permission of the original makers. All they have to do is give the original maker a credit such as "Based on the screenplay by....".

    I guess you could say that we're a remake of the original. We acknowledge that the original ANP was founded by Commander Rockwell, so there's his credit.

    The ANP has done everything the correct and legal way. If some members of the original ANP are disgruntled, well, maybe they should have worked harder to keep their party going from the beginning.

    7:35 PM - Chairman Suhayda, as well as myself believe that if we were to go on TV, the media would make it into a circus. Members of the NSM, and original Aryan Nations have been on talk shows in full uniform. The TV people did whatever they could to make them look like nut jobs. This is why Chairman Suhayda turns down every request for us to appear on TV. And yes, there have been many requests.

    When I was running for school board, I made the mistake of cooperating with the media - at first. They made me look like some evil politician out to poison the minds of children. When I stopped cooperating, they pulled the old "He won't talk, therefore he ha something to hide" crapola.

    Never forget: YOU CAN TRUST THE MEDIA! For one thing, it is 90% Jewish controlled. Secondly, their main purpose is to make money. They do this by selling advertising. The higher the ratings, the more they can charge for their commercials. A media circus gets higher ratings than a dignified discussion on a legitimate talk show.

    IF, I were to consider TV, I'd probably try cable-access TV. The shows are pretty cheesy, but you can control your own show, unlike with the networks. Check the network's CEO's. ALL Jewish. My name may be Daniel, but I'm not walking into the lion's den.

    BTW, the ANP doesn't have uniforms. The Security Arm does, but not the general membership.

    Dan 88!

  9. Thoughtful answer, thanks. Nothing beats visibility like TV though. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity; after all, that's how a lot of public-facing jews make very big names for themselves.

    Anonymous 7:35 PM