Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ANP News And Reminders

Comrades, let's get the nagging out of the way first. It's now the 16th. I truly hope your pledge is at least in the mail. It really should be there by or before the 15th, but at least have it in the mail.

As to NEXT month. I know it's Christmas. But we still must honour our pledges. I will. I hope you will as well. I'm even going to try and come up with a few extra bucks next month. I'll just think of it as another Christmas present.

Remember, if we fall short, the chairman pays for it. If you can afford it, please give a little more for Christmas. If not, at least pay your $10.00. I know there will be extra expenses, especially if you have children. Just buy them one less present. They'll never know. Besides, you're supporting the ANP for them! Remember the 14 Words? "...and a future for White children." Better yet, skip that holiday booze you think you owe yourself. If you have to drink, buy something cheaper. What's more important, a bottle of Grey Goose, or the future of our Folk?

Next, the Occupy Wall Street movement has finally come to my area. I will of course be taking part. I probably won't camp out. This may sound lame, but I have a few animals, and no one but me to look after them. But I will attend the meetings and demonstrations, plus go down at least three times a week for a few hours each time to show my support. Maybe I can run errands for those without cars, like going to the market for food and other supplies. I'll find a way to make myself useful. If it comes to your area, I urge you to do the same. Not necessarily camp out, but go down and give your support, attend meetings and demonstrations, and make yourself useful.

Also, Turkey Day next week. I have a little advice for those who have the room. I've noticed that the prices of turkey are much cheaper at Thanksgiving than Christmas. If you have a big enough freezer, buy two this week. Have one next week, and save the other for Christmas. Every dollar saved helps.

Finally, I've started my own private Occupy Wall Street. I am fighting back against the greedy landlord that owns the mobile home park I live in. Every year, our (the average person) incomes dwindle. We have to make due with less and less. Yet every year these greedy SOB's expect us to pay a rent increase. We get less and less. They get more and more. Not any longer - at least with me. He's in for an unpleasant Christmas - or in his case, Hannukah. Yeah, he's a Jew. As my mom says, he has the map of Israel on his face. Oi Vey!

I found out after speaking to a lawyer at a free legal advice clinic that what he's doing is illegal. The reason he's been getting away with it is that it's the kind of illegality that the county won't do anything about unless someone makes a complaint. WELL, I'M MAKING A COMPLAINT!

We'll be going to court in the new year, and the lawyer I spoke to assures me the law is on my side. I don't trust the courts, but on the other hand I figure, what have I got to lose except a little time? I can spare it. Especially if I win. IF I win, I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will want to do this, so I'll keep everyone posted. I haven't told the park manager yet because I keep missing her. I can't wait to see her face when she learns that a lowly, non-elite is fighting back.
Wish me luck!

Dan 88!

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  1. Dan, Good for you for walking the walk and taking part in the OWS protest. Also, very nice to hear you taking on your jew landlord.

    Interesting how you said that all it takes is for someone to make a complaint to get the attention of the county. I think a lot of Americans, WN or not, need to be more aware of their rights. ZOG wants us to wallow in our comfortable ignorance, happy to get a few crumbs that fall from the big table. Just keep your mouth shut and pay your taxes-Be a good American!

    Best of luck to you.