Saturday, November 26, 2011

There's No Doubt The Mestizos ARE Taking Over!

Comrades, this is a link to a must see video of a teacher in Texas who made her class say the Mexican Pledge Of Allegiance.


According to this teacher, and I use the word lightly, this was merely a Spanish language exercise to help her students learn Spanish, then why was it necessary to make them give the Mexican salute (this is their equivalent of putting your hand over your heart)? No, those students weren't simply reciting something in Spanish as a class assignment, they were being forced into pledging allegiance to Mexico.

I have to admire this young girl for refusing to go along with what is nothing more than another method at which our youth are being indoctrinated to Mestizo culture so they'll accept the Latino take over of our country more easily.

You should also ask yourselves why was girl given an "alternate" assignment? With the exception of dissections in biology class, if a student refuses and assignment, they are given a failing grade. The answer is obvious. If that teacher was to fail her, her parents (who stated they stand behind their daughter) would scream bloody murder. They'd complain to the school, the district, the state, and if they didn't get satisfaction, they'd take it to court. There's your reason.

The school district is concerned over a possible lawsuit, which they fear they might lose, so they are doing whatever they can, short of dropping the offending lesson from the school curriculum, to placate said student and her parents. They want as little attention as possible because they don't want any interference with their program of brainwashing and indoctrination.

I just wish the parents were concerned about the welfare of the other students, and take legal action against the school district. Hopefully, if enough people here about it, someone in Texas will be willing to fight this thing. As far as I know, you'd have to be a Texas resident in order to bring suit, but I'm not absolutely certain of that.

It really galls me that the type of people who run this school district are the same type that accuse National Socialists of brainwashing youth. Well, I guess it's okay for them and not us because they're the "good guys" and we're the "bad guys." That's become the American way. The bad guys are required to observe certain rules, but the good guys are not. After all, it's acceptable for the good guys to do whatever it takes to protect themselves from the villains, but when the villains do EXACTLY the same thing, it's an atrocity.

There are a couple of little words for that: DOUBLE STANDARD.

I would like to thank Comrade Raymond Bxxxxxxx for making me aware of this video.

Dan 88!


  1. Thank God We won World War 2! Thanks greatest generation!

    Pardon the sarcasm, but this is a direct result of the "triumph" of democracy, capitalism, and the "great American way" over the "evil" forces of fascism in WW II.

    Hitler and the Third Reich were fighting to save Western Civilization and the White Race. Uncle Sam stepped in and "saved the world" and now almost every White nation is turning into a toilet bowl, with the JewSA leading the pack.

    But hey, if the Nazis had won, we would all be (gasp) speaking German! Mein Gott! LOL.

  2. -------------------------------------November 27, 2011 at 12:48 AM

    Well said!

    Dan 88!