Thursday, November 3, 2011

ANP News, Updates, And Reminders

Okay everyone, it's now November - Turkey Day Month. I'm hungry already! How about you?

If you haven't gotten those pledges in yet, please do so ASAP. When we don't get enough pledges in to pay ANP expenses, Chairman Suhayda pays out of his own pocket, and he shouldn't have to.

Considering the fact that we've gotten a lot of requests for info packets in the past few months, plus new supporters as well, there's NO reason we should be short. I know we're all thinking about doing our Christmas shopping, but a pledge is a pledge. It's a promise. You made a promise to send in at least $10 every month. We National Socialists keep our promises if it is humanly possible.

Which brings me to another subject. Our monthly magazine, "The White Worker" should have reached every Official Supporter by now. I received mine last Tuesday, and I am one of the furthest people from HQ. If you didn't get yours, it's because you're behind in your pledges. If you are up to date and still didn't get yours, then you should let the Chairman know at once. Even National Socialists make mistakes!

The next ANP radio show will be this Saturday, Nov. 5, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Here is the website for the call-in info: Call in, or just listen.

For those of you who missed last weeks show, it was really great. We had a non-ANP Supporter call in and he spoke his piece. He was polite and courteous - not nasty and childish, which would have gotten him cut off immediately. He was one of those poor misguided souls who still thinks this rotten system can be fixed. We explained why that cannot be accomplished. I don't think we swayed him, but he did listen to what we had to say.

Our next California conference is one week from this Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. Not the long drive - yuck. Last April I inadvertently chose the WRONG Saturday. I didn't realize it was the first day of Spring Break and the freeways were mobbed with college kids either trying to get home, or to wherever they were going for their break. It was gridlock at times. Hopefully this drive won't be as bad. I hope it doesn't rain. We don't get much rain in So. Cal., but when it does, man does it come down hard! It's worse in Central Cal., and since that's where I'll be heading, rain could make for a nasty drive.

Anyway, it's still not too late to attend. Just send me an email (too late for snail mail), I'll verify your name with HQ, and send you all the details. We're going to have a productive meeting, and a great time afterwards.

I hope to see more there this time than last.

Dan 88!

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  1. Hey I have a question about NS, I tried sending it to rocky once but it was never answered or I think I put in the wrong email address.
    I dont know if you can answer this but in a National Socialist America would we still have violent video games like grand theft auto 4 etc and would those type of games still be allowed to be developed?