Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Does Your State Fare In Enforcing Illegal Immigration Laws?

Go here to find out: https://www.numbersusa.com/content/learn/attrition-through-enforcement/current-state-immigration-enforcement-e


I'm sorry that I couldn't post this directly on this blog. If there is a way, I don't know it. Anyway, it will take you to a page where they have prepared a slideshow of maps of the U.S. which shows how well they enforce immigration law.

Not surprisingly, California is the worst, Arizona is the best. Personally, I'm willing to give Alaska a pass on their poor record in the past, because they really never had much of a problem. But NOW is the time to start getting tough before things get out of hand like here in California and other states. I'm told that Anchorage is starting to develop their own Mexican Barrios.

As to Hawaii, well, somehow, Hawaii seems different. Perhaps because it's so damn expensive to live there, 99% of illegals could never afford it. But again, they should start enforcing the law now, BEFORE things get too bad.

One of the reasons this situation is so bad is because WE THE PEOPLE allowed it to get this bad. Now, it's so bad that most people have thrown up their hands in defeat - or at least total bewilderment as to what to do.

Remember, if you do a little yard work every week, you keep your yard under control. Let it go for several months, and what have you got? A freaking jungle that you look at and say, "Oh my God! What the hell am I supposed to do with this mess?!"

We let it get out of control, and now we have a freaking jungle filled with illegal aliens. Let's dust off that mower and weed whacker, if you get my meaning.

Dan 88!


  1. Mexican barrios in Anchorage?! Please forgive my bad language, but that is effed up! Did the mestizos not realize that they went too far north?

    I guess I shouldn't be suprised, as there are so darn many of them, and they breed like flies. Certainly enough to go around, far out of "Aztlan" territory.

  2. -------------------------------------November 15, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    You're right about that!

    Also, quite honestly, I don't know how they stand the cold. Mexico is snow free, except in the high mountains.

    Also, let's not forget that the White man was bred to live in cold climates. After all, where do we originate? Right, Northern Europe.

    A lot of people don't think about just how far north the Scandinavian countries are, in relation to North American countries, for example.

    Get yourself a map of the world. Locate say Oslo, Norway. Put your finger on it and go west until you come to North America. Exactly where does that lead you to? The northern half of Hudson Bay, that's where. Keep going west, and you come to just a little south of Anchorage.

    Comrade, Whites were designed for cold weather. Mestizos are not. They must freeze their little brown asses off. Then again, with all the spicy food they eat, maybe it keeps them warm from the inside out! LOL

    Dan 88!