Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Occupy L.A. Protesters Given Eviction Notice By The City

Occupy L.A.

Occupy L.A. seeks court order to stop eviction

Protesters plan to file for a federal injunction that would prevent police from dismantling the Occupy L.A. encampment around City Hall.

The complaint, which was to be filed at 10 a.m. Monday in federal court, names the city of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, alleging that the protesters' civil rights were violated. The three protesters who planned to file the suit would be seeking a court order to prevent the city from evicting the camp from the City Hall lawn.

The complaint accuses the city of engaging in "arbitrary and capricious action in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendments by first approving the Occupy presence for 56 days before suddenly revoking permission through the unilateral action of defendants."

Chief Deputy City Atty. William Carter said the city attorney's office was reviewing the complaint and was ready to respond or appear if necessary.

Carter said the city was prepared to file three declarations in opposition to a restraining order. One is from a Los Angeles Police Department officer relating to enforcement of the city ordinance that bans people from being in parks overnight.

The protesters' complaint points out that the City Council passed a resolution of support for the protesters and states that an aide to Villaraigosa told two of the plaintiffs, protester Mario Brito and Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild, that the municipal code section prohibiting overnight camping in city parks would not be enforced.

The complaint also pointed out that the city has made other exceptions to the anti-camping provision, including for people waiting at Exposition Park to be eligible for free medical services and for an estimated 500 fans of the "Twilight" vampire movies who "camped out on the sidewalks of Westwood Village for several days to be first in line for the midnight showing of the first 'Twilight' sequel."

The city was also prepared to submit a letter from Jon Kirk Mukri, general manager of the Department of Recreation and Parks, about the condition of City Hall Park, where protesters have been camped since Oct. 1. The third letter is from Carter himself, alleging protesters did not give the city due notice of their intention to seek the restraining order.

Earlier this month, protesters did give notice that they would seek an emergency restraining order on Nov. 18. But the issue was put on hold when protesters failed to show up in court to file for the request.

On that day, civil rights lawyer Carol Sobel, a legal advisor for Occupy protests across the country, appeared in court and said she planned to argue that the protesters seeking the injunction did not represent Occupy L.A. Sobel is listed as the attorney on the new complaint.

Protesters had expected to be forcefully evicted after the mayor announced that the park would be closed at 12:01 a.m. Monday.

Instead, after a night of largely peaceful protests, police arrested four people who refused to clear the streets. Overnight, about 1,000 protesters blocked the intersection of 1st and Main streets until about 5 a.m., when police issued an order to disperse.

Most returned to the encampment at City Hall Park, but a few were arrested.

Villaraigosa and Beck said that the 12:01 a.m. deadline marked the time when the encampment became illegal, not when eviction would occur.

Although protesters said they were happy with the outcome, officials stressed that the encampment cannot continue.

"We will enforce the park closure," Villaraigosa said in an interview with KTLA-TV. "We thought talking through this was the best way to proceed and we've done that. But it's become crystal clear … that it wasn't sustainable to be there indefinitely."

Villaraigosa praised the protesters for shining a light on problems facing the middle class and forcing people to listen.

"My hope is that we will be able to conclude this chapter peacefully," he said.


Well, it looks like the lid is about to blow in the City Of The Angels.

Mayor Villaraigosa's deadline has come and gone, and a good number of protesters have failed to leave. Indeed, many of the ones who did leave are expected to return in the daytime. They'll be day protesters instead off occupiers, which is better than giving up altogether.

Now why haven't the cops gone in yet? The reason is that the hard-core occupiers have made it clear they aren't going to leave without a fight. When the cops come in, the riot begins, and the mayor knows it. Things are pretty ugly in L.A, and will only get uglier. GOOD, it's about damn time America!

Comrades, the ANP has been criticized by a few other groups for supporting a movement that the American Communist Party and other Marxist groups also endorse.

Just because OWS is endorsed by Marxists, doesn't mean WE must oppose it. To oppose OWS simply because some of our other enemies support it seems pretty stupid and pig-headed to me.

BTW, I'm speaking for myself, not the ANP. Now I don't deny that communism goes completely against the principles of National Socialism. But then again, so does Judeo-Capitalism. The Communists and National Socialists have a common enemy: Wall Street. If we can BOTH bring down Wall Street by fighting on the same side, then let's do it. After we defeat the greatest enemy of the White Working and Middle Classes (ie the fat cat corporations), then we can concentrate on our other enemies - including all Marxists.

One of the reasons Hitler lost WW II was because he was fighting a war with too many fronts. We mustn't make that mistake as well. One battle at a time whenever possible.

For example, Black people are as against illegal immigration as are Whites. Since National Socialism is NOT a way of life that includes Blacks, and since they oppose illegal immigration, does that mean we must SUPPORT
border jumpers? NO! That's absolutely ridiculous. Our enemy's enemy is our friend? NOT! At least not in the case of OWS and illegal immigration, that's for damn sure.

I say anything that gets America to wake up and oppose the system is a GOOD thing.

Someone recently pointed out that one of the differences between Marxism and National Socialism is that Communists oppose ALL free enterprise, while we do not. I agree. They said we should not support OWS because this country was built on free enterprise, and that's what Wall Street is about: Free enterprise.

But I must point out that while Judeo-Capitalism is free enterprise, not all free enterprise is Judeo-Capitalism.

When huge corporations exploit the Working and Middle classes, manipulate money, and engage in stock investing, debt manipulation, and any kind of usury, that's Judeo-Capitalism. When someone works hard, opens his own business and makes a go of it with his own sweat, that's NOT Judeo-Capitalism, but it IS free enterprise. The latter is what made America great. The former is destroying it.

Some of you may disagree with me, and that's your right. You are free to let me know your thoughts on the matter. Remember, comments with obscenities and insults will NOT be published. Speak your mind, but speak as adults, and not a bunch of middle school kids arguing in the school yard.

Dan 88!


  1. i agree with you Dan on that yes we do have a common enemy and that is the judeo/capitalistic crud that is on wall street, now i myself here i Houston did go down there and talked to some of the ones that where or are there , i actually am no sure there are any now, well, mostly what i got was that they loved to smoke pot, didnt really want to work, and well, need a lesson in hygiene!and sadly , at lest down this way non really said anything out right towards the Jews, who are the enemy of all non-jews, now do i support them myself? um, on the jewish influence part yes, but as for the rest of it, no, for like i stated already previously in this message is mainly why i do not support them.

  2. -------------------------------------November 29, 2011 at 10:56 PM

    I'm sorry to say that a lot of what you said is true, Comrade Bob.

    Many protesters are total losers, many looking for a free ride. However, the majority of them are just people who have had enough of this corrupt system and are demanding immediate change.

    As to hygiene, if you are a protester who is camping - especially if you happen to be homeless, showering every day is not practical. There are places they can shower such as the YMCA/YWCA, and the Salvation Army. But considering how many people are demonstrating, there simply are not enough facilities accessible to them to shower daily.

    One fellow thought he had a good idea. He and about 20 others rented a motel room together. Costed a couple of bucks a piece. But with 20 different people tramping in and out all day, the manager gave them the boot. Good idea, just didn't work.

    Anyway, there's an old saying, "Scum floats."

    In any big movement, there are bound to be unsavory characters. These low-lifes tend to find each other in a crowd, and stay together. Add to the fact that this is the element the Jews Media likes to concentrate on. It helps to discredit a legitimate movement, and at the same time makes for better ratings. The public would rather see a bunch of weirdos making asses of themselves than ordinary people trying to make a serious political/economic statement.

    BTW, I had another comment from a different person. I did not publish it because of his choice of words. We do not need to call homosexuals the "F" word in public. It only shows ignorance. I may stretch things and allow the word "queer", but not the other. However, I will answer his question.

    No, I have not been to Occupy L.A. Why should I? We have a chapter right here in San Bernardino, so why should I blow a tank of gas driving in to L.A. and back? And yes I am a member of Occupy San Bernardino. I will be attending the next meeting, and if I like what I see, I'll attend the next demonstration. Occupy SB has not yet reached the stage where we are camping out, but it IS being planned. There are many who think we'll get a better turn out if we wait until after Christmas. However, there are many who think people camping on City Hall grounds would be more effective ON Christmas than after. I'll just have to wait and see what our chapter's leaders decide. I will NOT seek any leadership position. As a National Socialist who has run for public office, my picture has been in all the local papers, and on three TV stations - including FOX. For that reason it would be better if I just blended in with the crowd.

    Dan 88!