Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

Comrades, as you know, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. People wait in lines in front of stores all night so as to be the first into stores in the morning to empty their wallets into the Judeo-Capitalist pockets and get "bargains" on the latest electronic "toys" (smartphones, X-Boxes, etc) and plastic crap from China. Materialism totally out of control.

I don't know if some of what I'm going to relate has made the news outside of California, or perhaps you've had similar incidents in your home states, but here goes.

In Los Angeles, a woman has been arrested for pepper spraying other customers so she could get herself an X-Box for half price.

A woman assaulted another woman over the last $4.00 waffle iron special.

Two men got into an actual fist fight. One man got that last of an item on special (I don't remember what the item was), and the other grabbed it out of his shopping cart and headed for a cashier. Let us say that the man who had it first took exception to that and they came to blows in full view of store video cameras.

BTW, are people stupid as well as greedy? They should know that wherever they go in a store (except the restrooms - supposedly) or the parking lot, they are being taped. Anything illegal they do will be recorded and they're almost sure to get busted.

In another incident, a 60 plus year old grandfather got so out of control, that the police had to throw him to the floor and cuff him.

This is nothing less than disgraceful. Unbridled greed at its worst.

People, there is absolutely NO excuse for this disgusting behaviour. I truly hope that as true National Socialists, none of us would ever behave so shamefully. And if that isn't enough for you, consider this: The JudeoCapitalists see this, and are laughing - all the way to the bank. The more out of control people get, the more mega-profits they rake in.

Now I'm not saying that you should not buy your loved ones gifts. No way do I mean that. All I'm saying is use a little restraint and self-control. Buy gifts, yes. But don't empty your wallets, and most especially don't trample your fellow Man in order to do it first. Act responsibly and thoughtfully at all times. If you don't get an item you wanted, well, then that's the way it is.

Here's something else to think about: As you know, stores always have big after Christmas sales where things are often marked lower than on Black Friday. The problem there is the selection is often poor. However, not always so with the internet. Internet companies often have a good selection at low prices - even after Christmas. You can explain to the kids that if they wait until then, they can get one or two extra toys because of the money you'll save, and you will still probably spend less.

One last thing: Even though it's Christmas time, a pledge is a pledge. It's a promise you made. You pledged at least $10 a month to the ANP. Christmas time or not, you made a pledge and you should honour it. The ANP's expenses don't disappear during the month of December, and magically return in January. So please, don't "blow off" your pledge just because it's Christmas time.

Another organisation has accused us of telling people not to buy Christmas gifts, and give the money to us instead. When have I, Chairman Suhayda, Comrades Bowles and Hess, or anyone else here EVER said that? Never, is when. All we say is you don't have to buy everything, and not to forget your monthly pledge in December.

This other organisation says they NEVER ask one penny from their members. This is absolutely TRUE. They never require a single pledge or donation from their members. With this in mind, I have a good question: If the membership doesn't financially support them, just where DO they get their operating funds from? I have a good idea, but as it's only speculation, I won't say it without evidence. As you know, I no longer make accusations against any group or individual unless I can substantiate what I'm saying with HARD proof. I'll let you do your own speculating.

Even the Republirats and the Demicons accept donations and hold fund-raisers. If the two largest, most wealthiest parties in America do it, why shouldn't we?

In light of what I've just written about, here's a joke I heard a few years ago:

On Black Friday, a man waited all night to get a big screen high definition TV that would be sold to the first five customers for only $50.

At a little before 8:00 AM, a little man got in the front of the line, and the first man got angry. He shoved the little man away and said, "Get to the back of the line you jerk!"

A minute later, the little man tried again, and the first man shouted, "I thought I told you to get lost?!"

The little man replied, "Okay, but who's going to open the store?"

Merry Christmas, comrades!

Dan 88!


  1. Hey Dan, you should not be crying foul about that other organization, from what I have read, you guys have been shit talking and to use choice words "trolling" them and attacking them while wanting their people for a long time. I like what you write, but what you guys did and say about the guys at NSALP, which I am not a member, is wrong. I know a few of them, they are good Folk for the cause.

  2. -------------------------------------November 29, 2011 at 11:22 PM

    Maybe you have a point, and maybe not. But I still think my question about them is legitimate. If the members don't financially support them, where does the money actually come from?

    Dan 88!